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  1. oldsaint

    Chevron Tang Ctenochaetus hawaiiensis not eating

    It's only been two days. But, I haven't seen him eat yet. I've tried black worms, enriched mysis, nori, and pellets for herbivors. He will run up to the pieces like he's about to eat it then backs off. I have seem him picking at the brown dusting on the back glass but that's it. Going to my LFS...
  2. oldsaint

    Not sure I like this new relationship

    Every night my little clown digs his bed and lies down for a good night sleep. Over the last 3-4 days I've notice he has taken in a stray. I think he may need to check references. Some how I don't see this working out long term. What do you think?
  3. oldsaint

    Understanding accuracy percentages of test kits and/or equipment

    I remember seeing Boomer explain this once before but I'm not sure where I ran across it. IIRC, it's not as simple as it seems. If my test kit has an "Accuracy 4% ±0.04 ppm (mg/L) of reading 0.04 ppm (mg/L)" does that mean at a reading of .05 the accuracy is +/- .002 ppm or the reading could be...
  4. oldsaint

    Oldsaint"s 300DD

    Hello everyone! My name is Mike. I used to visit this board frequently in the past and have learned a tremendous amount from it's crew. I have a few tanks I'd like to share. First is a 300DD I'm building. As with everything I do, all suggestions and comments are welcome. Heck, I can already see...
  5. oldsaint

    Are we in Florida?

    What is going on? 35 degrees outside and tonight it's suppose to be 29. :eek2: I thought I lived in Florida not the great white north. Heck, I'm cold when it gets below 70. Btw, How would you like to be one of my detail techs today, washing and detailing cars in this weather. I have one shop...
  6. oldsaint

    Natural Sunlight

    Seems there's been a lot of cloudy/green water threads lately. I've noticed sunlight briefly mentioned in a couple in a ways that it could be the cause or a contributor. I'd like to hear some thoughts as to why. Or maybe I took it out of context. I've always been under impression sunlight is...
  7. oldsaint

    Polyp bail-out

    I assumed favites reproduce by broadcast but under stress I guess almost any coral will bail-out. This coral was under some serious stress. When my 260 collapsed I had a few friends come over and we removed all the dead corals and fragged what we could then dumped the rock in separate tubs to...
  8. oldsaint

    T. gigas growth

    I was aware that these clams grow fast but was not prepared for how fast. I was think think along the lines of a few inch per year.The first pic was taken around May 15th of last year. The second one a few weeks ago. It's has tripled in size in a little over a year, now measurin close to 12"...
  9. oldsaint

    Bad luck comes in threes

    Seems I've had my 3. 1st was stupidity on my part. I left the drain valve open on my freshwater storage tank all night. I was trying to fill my mixing drum faster. Woke up to 150gals on the floor. Came home to deal with that and my pump stopped working on the 260. This morning I got out of the...
  10. oldsaint

    260 upgrades

    I'm in the process of doing some upgrades to my 260. I'm changing the pump to a Dolphin 4700 and changing all the plumbing to 2" pipe running thru a Hayward motorized ball valve. If I do the head loss calc. it's telling me I'll have 3511gph. I have a pump for the UV and 1 pump each for the 3...
  11. oldsaint

    OT: My shop

    Hope this doesn't bore to many of you. Just showing off my other hobby. Git'er done My truck with some new Mickey Thompsons
  12. oldsaint

    Elegance & Frogspawn location

    My frogspawn and elegance have grown considerably and I'm wondering if I need to move or frag one of them. They've been in the tank almost 2 years. I hate to frag the frogspawn and I'm not fraging the elegance. It dosen't look like there is any warfare going on now. Do you think since they kind...
  13. oldsaint

    Air Exchange

    I'm in the process of moving my 180 to a back bedroom(137"x140"). It's a little much having both tanks in one room. Plus I can move all the equipment in to a closet(47"x52") next to the tank. The closet will have the sump for the 180, a 65g water change system, and a 25g top off system. I'm...
  14. oldsaint

    Red bug??

    At first I thought this was red bugs but after looking at several pics I'm pretty sure it's not. So that leaves me at what is it and how do I treat it. I've had the cap for about 4-5 months. The growth was great during that time and then suddenly the growth areas started turning white. When I...
  15. oldsaint

    Kalk powder/Vinegar ????'s

    I started dripping Kalk about 6 months ago. At that time I was adding 2/3 cup of B-Ionic 1&2. That seemed to maintain my Ca at 410 and Alk at 3.54 and pH at 8.2. When I started with the Kalk I reduced the B-Ionic 1&2 to 1/3 cup. I have a Tunze top off system with an osmolator that I add 10 tsp...
  16. oldsaint

    A little HELP main pump out

    Well my main return pump, little giant 5.5, went out just after a water change. It's ALL my fault I haven't cleaned it in about 8 months. The impeller is frozen to the shaft. I've got the impeller, shaft and volute soaking in vinegar. I was going to leave it like that over night. I've got a...
  17. oldsaint

    Need sump repair opinions please

    Well I ended up only working a half a day, but I came home to bulkhead leaking on the 180. Hey no problem I've got a spare one in the garage. Yeh right, while I was changing it out I sat my butt down on the piping coming off the sump and cracked it. I'd like to get some opinions on my repair...
  18. oldsaint

    OT:Auto electrical job opportunity

    I thought I would pass this alog to my reefin buddies. This is me and my company. Business is going crazy and I need people bad. Even if you know someone that might be qualified I'll pay a $100.00 bird dog fee once I hire them. We are a wholesale company that has been servicing the new and used...
  19. oldsaint

    Cupramine treatment??

    I'm moving all my fish from my 90g to a 180g. I had a little problem with a small cotton ball on top of my Naso lituratus. I used Cupramine in my QT and it did a great job. The Naso actually went into my 260 but the remaining fish are going into the 180. What's left is my Snowflake, Panther, and...
  20. oldsaint

    High Alk problem?

    In the process of switching from O to IO I didn't realize my Cal and Alk test kits were bad. Ive been adding baking soda and kent super dKH buffer to raise the Alk because I couldn't get it read above 3.0meg and I couldn't get my pH to stabilize above 7.9. Now after replacing both kits the...