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  1. thatguy559

    leaving the forum

    well i started here in this forum because i moved up to the pacific northwest. at first i felt the warm welcome but now there are too many people in here that are set in their ways. i just find my self not going on here any more. i just love it when people try to tell me what to think and how i...
  2. thatguy559

    lost my buejaw trigger

    today my wife found my blue jaw trigger on the floor about 5 feet from the tank. we found him too late he was dried up already:( he was there this morning when i left for work.He has been in my tank for about 10 months now and i dont know what would cause him to jump. my powder brown is hiding...
  3. thatguy559

    Having trouble keeping alk up

    okay i have never had this issue in any of my tanks until now. not sure it was the salt mix change or what. i have been using reef crystals for 6 years and came across a a string of bad batches maybe like 5 buckets so i made the switch to oceanic salt mix at this time i also changed my light...
  4. thatguy559

    thinking about getting a california stingray

    i was looking to get a california stingray California Stingray, Round Stingray - Urobatis halleri it said to keep the temps between 54-72. i keep my tank at 76-77 deg would it be safe to run my tank at 75 deg kind of a median between the two?
  5. thatguy559

    !!!!The Offiicial Thatguy's In Wall Build!!!!!

    ok so you all know that i have been working on this project already. im going to start from the beginning tank is going to be a 5'x3'x2' with a 48" external coast to coast. plasma light, coralsky led royal blue strip x2. reeflo dart for my return split to a om4 and 1" seaswirl 80g sump with...
  6. thatguy559

    what sex is my trigger

  7. thatguy559

    What type of glass

    Im curious as to what type of glass is used for DE halide fixtures. the reason for this question is that most of you know that i made the switch to plasma. I was not happy with the reflector that was supplied with the fixture so i retrofitted my plasma with a lumenarc reflector. i had the light...
  8. thatguy559

    Teaser Alert!!!!! new build in progress!!!

    sorry for the cell phone pic.
  9. thatguy559

    Tunze shout out

    I just got the new version of the Tunze 6105 stream. Wow this puts out way more flow then the vortech mp40w I had on the tank and its cheaper:target:. Its really quiet and I have a diy controller for it. Out of the box way too much flow for my 120g so I turned it all the way down and I still get...
  10. thatguy559

    Calling all AQUA Jr owners

    who here has the lunar sim? i just got one and i cant figure out what code to use to simulate a real moon cycle.
  11. thatguy559

    To have a closed loop or not

    I am deciding on whether or not i want to do a closed loop system on my new tank im building. i will have a om4 and not sure on the pump yet....and im not sure i want to do it. i just want to know your thoughts pros and cons?
  12. thatguy559

    Tube anemone

    i have been reading a ton of stuff on these guys and i have read a a few contradicting facts about whether they are photosynthetic or not. can someone with a little more knowledge tell me what i should do i just feed it once a week
  13. thatguy559

    January Meeting

    who is all coming? its just around the corner
  14. thatguy559

    User name origins

    okay i want to know how you got your user names and what do they mean. mine is thatguy559- that guy because im always referred to by that guy and the 559 means the fresno area code where i started my fisrt reef.
  15. thatguy559

    par meter

    does anyone have a par meter i can borrow? and if so are you coming to the jan psas meeting?
  16. thatguy559

    jason your pm box is full

    i need to send you a message
  17. thatguy559

    corals changing color

    after switching to plasma. okay so my corals are going through a color change after the blast of UV my wham min watermelon zoas are turning blue/purple center with the green skirts. my acro that was blue green is now turning pink. some other palys are changing and some corals are just...
  18. thatguy559

    the new location for my tank

    so the wife wants her dinning room back.....i have to turn one of my rooms into a fish room :badgrin:. so the location has been picked this is a photo shopped image to give you an idea this wall is as soon as you walk in from my front door. and the right side of the tank will wrap around to the...
  19. thatguy559

    tunze 7092 controller

    do you guys plan on stocking this?
  20. thatguy559

    anyone ever use these guys im thinking about getting a 240g rimless tank from them