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  1. blizzardscout2

    Long Polyp Leather $250

    Hello, it is over 1 ft in diameter. I have grown this for over 7 years and would hate to have to frag it. It is turned sideways in my tank so it doesn't take up the whole tank. So if interested let me know. Thanks. I am located in Snohomish near Costco in Woodinville.
  2. blizzardscout2

    Zoo eating Asterina?

    Anyone have problems of Asterina starfish eating your zoos?
  3. blizzardscout2

    Maxi Mini Anemone

    Just curious if you can get these. Thanks.
  4. blizzardscout2

    Green Slimer Coral

    This was my first frag that I purchased several weeks ago and had it placed in a crevice in a position that was about a 45 degree angle. Anyway like I have read the side not exposed to the light lightened up, but I even began having tissue necrosis exposing the coral bone if you will. I have as...
  5. blizzardscout2

    Lighting and Frogspawn

    I was wondering if too much light is bad for frogspawn. I accidentally left my lights on all night, so I left them off for only a few hours today. Then I noticed that a head of my frogspawn that is usually plumped up was looking pretty sickly. Do you think this is due to too much light? What...
  6. blizzardscout2

    Resolution in Congress threatens Hobby

    “On April 23rd 2009, The Natural Resources Committee of the U.S. Congress will hold a hearing on H.R. 669, a resolution that will in effect ban importation, interstate transport and the private ownership of most birds, mammals, reptiles, and fish (as well as all other aquatic organisms such as...