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    DT Counter Current Skimmer's

    With this build I wanted the ability to skim lite then as needed the ability to skim more:) My first line of skimming will be (2) DT built on counter current air driven skimmer's. They are 36" tall x 4" diameter using 1/4" feed micro pore air stones. They will be feed from DT then drain down to...
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    New ReefBrite 400 watt pendant set's

    New ReefBrite 400 watt pendant set's I have (2) set's of pendants for sale... Each set includes (1) New silver ReefBrite 400 watt pendant with glass shield. (1) New Ice Cap 400 watt electrical ballast with plug in's. (1) New in box 15k 400 watt bulb. (4) black brackets needed to installed XHO...
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    H & S A200 extended DIY build

    I have been looking for a companion skimmer for my XRC 250 with a 1262 pump and found this one. Its a H & S A200 extended that once ran (3) 1260's but is just the body and cup now. Both skimmers are the same size except the H & S has a larger neck size. The Plan: Clean skimmer body and...
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    Spinners newest MO FLOWs must be 18 to enter

    A peak at my newest MO FLOWs I am testing now:) Here they are installed on a 1 1/2" rain barrel bulkhead: I will not forget the little people when I am filthy rich....or will try not to anyway:)
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    4" x 36" air driven skimmer question's

    Building 2 - 4" x 36" air driven skimmer's and need to decide on the air pump and also which air diffusers. I like Alita pumps along with their 6" air diffuser the Sintered brand.....but maybe a Boss Hog micro pore? Never used either so any input would be great also thinking the Alita 40 pump...
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    Help the site won't let me in......

    It has taken me two days of trying to be able to post this help message. The site keeps logging me out before I can post for help, I have logged out, clean cookies and when I log in it starts all over again logging me out and trying to down load two different apps. Please email me at...
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    New Ocean Motion type product

    After seeing Kpiotrowski's video with his Ocean Motion I decided I needed one too:) So by chance last week I heard of a new product did my research and Friday I will be ordering a Flowwolf v2.0 1/6 flow diverter. After a week of back and fourth emails with the owner of Flowwolf I was sold. FYI...
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    Spinners new "MO FLOW" outlet design

    Here is one of my "MO FLOW" SPINNER return outlet designs, standard size is 16" long but can be made smaller or larger. This "MO FLOW" will process around 1000gph +- has both surface wave action and VORTEX flow adjustments. Designed to be used with a system return pump but can be plumbed several...
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    One side of my close loop set-up

    Here is one side of my close loop set-up designed using four pumps with two each half. I will be able to shut down one pump each side at night and still have flow out all outlets:) The other side is plumbed the same except its SKY BLLLLUUUUUEEEE.............
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    Went to sleep in California and woke up in....................

    Last night i planned out my day with working on my system got tool's and materials together. Couple of 1/2 days and i am ready for water/.',;[]0'8/];[[./:) About an hour before bed my thoughts were how can i help bring "WORLD PEACE":hippie: As time pasts my special eye's became heavy so off...
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    Air Injection System for my 300 DT

    Working on the build again thought i would share one of many ways a hobbiest can add air injection if wanted. I built mine this way because to ties in with other parts of my build. I have one of these set ups on each side of my DT feeding two of my four close loop pumps. Once you see my manifold...
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    140 gallon Zero Edge Aquarium

    Hey Gang i have a chance to pick up a 140 gallon mint condition Zero Edge with a high end custom built stand and canopy. This would be a trade out for painting the outside of their home with labor only. Could use some input good or bad regarding these set ups:) This would be soft coral/clam...
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    I built the wrong kind of system

    Hello, I have been building what i feel is a bad a_ _ SPS system but with all the tank crashes i will not be doing SPS and will go softy and LPS. I have never seen so many hobbiest loose everything so fast and there is no way i want to worrie or deal with that. In this last month alone i have...
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    Want to see my Blowhole

    Hello, Using four of these with my close loop they are the new Blowhole 3 speed pumps by Reeflo @ 2700gph I will be plumbing two BH 2700's together on each half of my system each pump will be feeding two 1" outlets each. They are 1 1/4" inlet and outlet fyi:)
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    Building a GATLING GUN inlet:)

    Hello, Always looking for new way's to create flow so here is my gatling gun inlet for one of my reactors. Questions and feed back alway's welcome:):laser:
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    Using air to automatically turn/clean sand bed

    Hello, As i often do when working on my system i have a thought and.....well that begins a new journey. This one has me using air to turn and clean my sand bed with a controlled pump. Using the legs that hold up my foam wall i will run (5) air line's down foam wall supports with exiting out one...
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    Best glue for 1 1/2" Flex PVC

    Hello, I need to glue 1 1/2" flex pvc and have never used this product. What would be a good glue to use? I would like to use Gorilla Glue will this work well? :help: Thanks, Spinner
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    Reactor Bench and Close Loop Pump Skids

    As the title say's:) A few of the last DIY's before open part of system start up!!!! My reactor bench once sealed will have led's shinning up thru each reactor for nite viewing:) I was able to get this plywood at Lowes for 20.00 off because it had a 1" chip.........so i just cut it...
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    Powerfull/good air pump

    Hello, I am looking to buy a new powerfull/well built air pump that can feed about 10 different items. Would like it to be as quite as possible since it will be in the house. Thank You for your feed back!
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    DIY Sea Storm Mod from Fluid Sand to Pellet

    Hello Mems, Had a little time and a pot of coffee yesterday and changed a Sea Storm 125 Fluidized Sand Filter to a Bio Pellet reactor. Not sure if it works since i don't use bio pellets yet so we shall see.... but it should based on theory? If it does work i will build a custom top out of...