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  1. skylsdale

    MICROCOSM 2013 - San Diego, CA

    March 1-2, 2013 I want to extend an invitation to everyone for MICROCOSM 2013, which is a different sort of event that brings together a variety of naturalistic 'glass box' hobbies and specialists together under one roof...from poison dart frogs to orchids, aquatic plants and shrimp to...
  2. skylsdale

    Need ID (anemone...?)

    I have a few of these scattered over some pieces of LR and cannot figure out what they are. I was hoping some of you guys could help shine some light on it: They seem to have an orange/pink center or base, with clear tentacles that end in white tips. Thanks!
  3. skylsdale

    Anyone have experience with multiple grammas?

    I was curious if anyone here has had any experience in keeping multiple royal grammas together in the same tank? I would be interested in hearing your experiences, anecdotes, etc. Thanks!
  4. skylsdale

    Reefs adapting to warming ocean temps?

    I came across this and thought it might make for some interesting discussion:
  5. skylsdale

    Need ID (little white bugs)

    I went down to check on the tank this morning, and overnight had a sudden explosion of these little things all over the glass. They are so tiny (1 mm or so) that it was really hard to get a picture with my camera. Most of them had a more solid white part (as can be seen in the picture) toward...
  6. skylsdale

    Any problems with this design?

    I've got an 80 gal up and running sumpless down in my basement. It's not drilled and I don't plan on drilling it. However, I am planning to set up a sump on a higher level than the tank. My plan is to use a Little Giant 3-MDG-SC to pull water from the tank (it will be above the water level...
  7. skylsdale

    post-tsunami reef report

    I just ran across this report (and pictures) of a preliminary expedition that was conducted to survey Sumatran reefs after the tsunami. I thought some of you would be interested:
  8. skylsdale

    Kicking myself (need ID)

    I don't do impulse or rescue purchases. I just don't. But for some reason today I was out of my mind while at the local Petco, and they had JUST received their shipment and got the fish in the tanks and there were two "pink anthias" in one of them. So I got them, thinking they were Dispar...
  9. skylsdale

    Anyone have pics of their DIY suspended canopies?

    I need to build one of these for my tank, and I am garbage when it comes to construction and building and just coming up with my own thing. Can I see some pics of projects you guys have done to help get an idea as to how to go about this? Thanks!
  10. skylsdale

    Cracking the Ocean Code

    I caught this special last night on Discovery: I thought I would post it so others can try to catch it if/when it airs again, or just purchase the DVD. It was amazing as to what was being 'discovered.' If anything, they could have gone so much...
  11. skylsdale

    What about sandstone...?

    A bit of a peculiar question, I know, but I was curious how well you guys thing that corals (the entire spectrum: softies to stonies) would attach and calcify over sanstone? My assumption is that there shouldn't be a problem...but I thought someone might be aware of some reason as to why they...
  12. skylsdale

    Skimmer plumbed in-line (no sump)...will this work?

    Okay, I'm assuming this should be fine to do...but just wanted to run it by you guys first to see if there is anything I may have missed. I've got a 15 gal tank (24x12x12) that I'm setting up, but will have an MRC-1 skimmer available to use on it. The tank is not drilled (and would prefer not...
  13. skylsdale

    Of related interest...

    I just picked up a book today that I think would interest most of you: Archipelago. For those of you who subscribe to National Geographic Magazine, you may have seen a related article a few months ago, but this is an entire book...and the photography and subjects are phenomenal. Just thought I...
  14. skylsdale

    Of related interest...

    Double post....please delete.
  15. skylsdale

    LaMott test kits: how long do they last?

    I'm helping someone revamp their old FO tank into a reef, and they have some LaMott Alk, Ca, and Phosphate test kits...but the dates on the cards inside are May/1992. Are they still good and useable, or do I need to get some new ones?
  16. skylsdale

    PNWers: local tank, lighting needs?

    Hey all those who live around the Sound. I'm planning on doing a local coldwater tank (temp's in the 40's-50's) and probably doing intertidal type fauna. I'm curious what some of your suggestions are on lighting for this type of tank? Everything on the net (ironically, from people who don't...
  17. skylsdale

    Check out my new find!

    I was driving through town today and saw this at a yard sale on the side of the a pile marked "FREE." It's a bit worse for wear, but for the price, I really couldn't go wrong! It's an Oceanic-Jewel 55 gal slate-bottomed tank. The dimensions are 31"x32" (although the overflow takes...
  18. skylsdale

    Thoughts/experiences on coral replicas?

    Alright, I've been getting more and more anxious about not having a tank over the last few weeks. The only problem is, I'm just not in a position to put together a decent reef right now (light, Ca or kalk, etc.), and I just wouldn't be happy with a fowlr--I need the look of a nice, complete...
  19. skylsdale

    Doctor's office revamp

    Tank dimensions: 59" x 18" x 20" (acrylic) Tank Volume: 92 gal The current plan is to plumb the tank through the floor and keep the sump and equipment in a room in the basement of the building. Approximate height from floor of basement to floor of upper level is 8 feet (top of tank is probably...
  20. skylsdale

    Sordid tank--what would YOU do?

    Okay, so a local chiropractic clinic gave me a call at home yesterday. It turns out they have a SW tank that is in poor shape and heard that I'm into that sort of thing. I went down to meet with one of the chiropractors and talk about the situation, possible changes, etc. The wet/dry broke a...