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  1. N1Husker

    White film

    I seem to have developed a white film on the surface of my water. You can’t see it from the top, but it is prevalent when you look from the bottom. I recently switched salt mixture to Aquacraft Bio Marine Salt Mix. That’s the only thing I’ve done different. I contacted the owner, Michael De...
  2. N1Husker

    Inviting People Back / New Content

    Just a couple of guys were mad at a couple others, then all other sites started jumping on the facebook platform, thinking that was the next best thing. Plus it’s hard to compete with Reef 2 Reef. That is the forum most of them went to.
  3. N1Husker

    Inviting People Back / New Content

    I wish iit would get active again. So many people got upset with people that they left..
  4. N1Husker

    Rollermat question

    No, I haven’t had that problem. Mine were intact when I received it and I haven’t hade a problem since. I did have a problem with the motor, it just wasn’t working correctly, made a grinding noise. I let Marine Depot know and they sent me a brand new one. No problems since.
  5. N1Husker

    Newly acquired 1,077 g aquarium

    Wow, that’s huge. I have no earthly idea. Good luck. Were you able to talk to the previous owner? If you have a local public aquarium close, maybe you could talk to their curator. Ask BRS (Bulk Reef Supply), they’re usually pretty helpful, especially if they think you’re going to buy something...
  6. N1Husker

    Rollermat question

    I wanted to give you all an update on my Aquamaxx AF-1 Rollermat. This has to be one of the best, if not the best investment I have ever made. This thing is absolutely wonderful. There is no smell, it is simple to change out the rolls. Disassembles easy to clean it. I love it.
  7. N1Husker

    Onward and upward

    Yes, he’s a gem.
  8. N1Husker

    Onward and upward

    I had posted earlier that I was giving up the hobby. I’m 70 years old and I have some debilitating health problems and doing water changes was getting to be hard for me. My son Worked on and finished my Sump room, plumbed my RODI and installed a cut down 55 gallon drum and built a stand for it...
  9. N1Husker

    Giving it up.

  10. N1Husker

    Steel stand questions.

    Looking at your configuration, 1.5 square tubing will be more than enough. Manufacturers build much flimsier stands than yours will be, just using angle iron.
  11. N1Husker

    WavemasterPro died after 20 years

    I haave the Coralvue Hydros dual gyre powerheads and I really like them. They don’t stick out as far as the old hydors do. I couldn afford the ecotech powerheads. I like the Hydros because you have two powerheads on one controller and they’re low profile.
  12. N1Husker

    2019 Reef Photos

  13. N1Husker

    Rollermat question

    Yeah, when I was checking them out, I was going to get the Reefwaves but I asked Marine Depot, they said with the Reefwave you couldn’t just purchase another pump alone, you had to buy two pumps and two controllers. They said that that was the only way right now with the reef wave. That’s why I...
  14. N1Husker

    Rollermat question

    I looked at the reef waves. The only thing I didn’t like is you couldn’t buy one wave maker pump with controller and then just one pump without controller. With the Ice Cap I could and it was cheaper. I have two pumps and only the one controller that run both. You might take that into...
  15. N1Husker

    Rollermat question

    Once I figured out how to use it, with the help of my son, it is great. I not computer literate, I a computer idiot.
  16. N1Husker

    Rollermat question

    Yeah, I hope so. I will keep you posted. So far, so good. I also bought two Ice Cap 2k Gyre Pumps with a wifi controller. I will let you know how those work out. I spoiled myself with my stimulus check.
  17. N1Husker

    Rollermat question

    It’s installed and it doesn’t smell. It is basically a mechanical filter sock that I don’t have to change often. It has 82 feet of filter material and you plumb the return line directly into its intake fitting. I think it was money well spent.
  18. N1Husker

    Rollermat question

    I got it today. It’s almost ready to go, I just have to modify the water inlet, my son is going to 3D an adapter and modify the hanging support since I don’t have a rimless sump. The hanger is just a little to narrow for the plastic hanger. I will let you know how it’s working.
  19. N1Husker

    80gallon Tank Build with Luke

    Interesting, Let us know your results.