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  1. J

    Opinions on PM Bullet Skimmers

    They are very good skimmers ! I had a couple and they pump out the skimate.
  2. J

    tank leak--insurance prob---need help to move tank ASAP-seattle

    this really depends on your insurer and your policy. if you are living in a condo with a reef tank your insurance policy is really important. i would seriously suggest double and triple checking your coverage. umbrellas are smart and highly suggested too. water damage is costly especially...
  3. J

    Gettin started up again and have some questions

    yea, i had a xenia meltdown which fried all my sps but everything else was ok. its tough to mix em.
  4. J

    If you had it all to do over again.....

    Well, had I known better, I never ever would have stepped foot in a Seattle LFS called The Fish Store. Just plain bad and bordering on evil I tell 'ya....
  5. J

    Skimmer upgrade choices

    mushroom boy has a bullet 1 with pump for sale at a very reasonable price. i have the same skimmer and highly recommend it. my $.02.
  6. J

    Sea swirl vs Tunze stream?

    i like my sea swirls a lot and have never had a problem with them. never used tunzes but i suppose they put out heat and are more of an eye sore. my next tank (if i ever finish it) will have a motorized ball valve for the closed loop which seems to be favored around here.
  7. J

    Seattle and RO/DI

    if you think you're going to have corals and other non fish animals then i would suggest a water filter. they are reasonably priced in relation to the problems and expenses that come with city water. you can find a good quality one for 100-200 depending on how big your tank is and how quick...
  8. J

    Seattle and RO/DI

    depends on what you're going to do with the water...
  9. J

    SnowBoarding Reefers??

    if you're wavering based on cost then i'd look into alpental/ski acres passes. they are really cheap and theres a lot of different plans. not as much as stevens and its really convenient (45 mins from kirland). alpental has some serious steeps too.
  10. J

    Weather Report for Seattle area for Saturday and Sunday please..

    I always wear shorts in Seattle, so what the heck, wear 'em in the rain...
  11. J

    Tank in Garage too Cold?

    thanks guys ! mike, no room for my car 'cause of all my fish stuff. ha ! !
  12. J

    Tank in Garage too Cold?

    hmmm, that's good input wrightme... the garage is attached but only on 1 wall and no ceiling so there isn't much heat passed through to the garage. i don't know what to do about this. it's a lot of work to move and find out it's just too cold in there...
  13. J

    Tank in Garage too Cold?

    a bunch of heaters would be a big current draw, how many and at what wattage would do the trick? i'm hoping someone has experience. anyone?
  14. J

    Tank in Garage too Cold?

    Hey folks, I'm considering putting my 75 mixed reef in my 2 car garage. The garage is pretty cold without heat, wallboard or insulation. Is this something that is ripe for failure or should this workout? Would two large heaters do the trick? anyone have any experience with this? I am in...
  15. J

    I am having my second worst spill ever

    no electrical problems though ! that's when it really starts to suck...
  16. J

    New setup thread

    great job Tom! did you have good luck with the biscuit approach? is that enough corner support for a six foot long 180? i was looking at the porter cable biscuit joiner tool trying to decide if that was the route to take. I've seen other designs with 2x4s notched into each other for...
  17. J

    PSAS Annual Frag Swap Time!!!!!

    that is one sick tank Pro... almost fell out of my chair. very nice!
  18. J

    Cleaning Acrylic Tank

    i've tried this battery powered brush thing and it doesn't do much for me. it really won't remove coralline algae like the RC threads indicate. After trying mine I wondered if some of the folks at RC even know what coralline algae is. anyone tried this and had better luck than me?
  19. J

    OK, who's bought this?

    all the positive feedback is a good sign...
  20. J

    Best LFS in Seattle area

    I think Below Sea Level is closed on Weds. As for Salt Water City, they use to be the premier reef store in the region but slipped considerably the past couple years. It is good to hear they are back to their old high quality cause they sure knew what they were doing before.