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  1. Sealab2021


    the one with Clint Eastwood, yep, great movie
  2. Sealab2021

    yellow clown goby vs citron goby

    yes citrons get dark, sometimes even 95% black. btw if anyone wants to get rid of one let me know. i love em
  3. Sealab2021

    Seattle and RO/DI

    The Cedar River Watershed. We quarterly water reports mailed.
  4. Sealab2021

    Seattle and RO/DI

    If you get your water from the CEDAR source here in seattle, it's awesome. kinda high in phospates but thats easy to contol
  5. Sealab2021

    OK, who's bought this?

    an unbarbed fish hook?
  6. Sealab2021

    Pre-ordering San Andreas

    HL2 doesn't need a crazy computer like doom3, so you might already have the machine to play it. I played CS:Source on both my machine and a friends(whose got a 1ghz, 512 ram, 64meg Geforce2) his ran fine at about 40fps tho it was at 640x480.
  7. Sealab2021

    Pre-ordering San Andreas

    carl~ yes the upcoming Fable & Jade Empire are xbox exclusives..halo2 is too(but will come to PC in another 6months) IMO firstpersonshooters need a mouse for decent controlling, so halo2 imo isn't worth getting an xbox for. to tide you over on the firstpersonshoooters, halflife2 due in...
  8. Sealab2021

    Pre-ordering San Andreas

    do you know when the good version(PC) of halo 2 comes out?
  9. Sealab2021

    Feather Star

    @ fish gallery in renton they have the most awesome bright,deep red Feather Star for $60...if you get a chance take a look at it.
  10. Sealab2021

    Pre-ordering San Andreas

    trailer the new trailer is located here
  11. Sealab2021

    Cs : Source

    CS : SOURCE is playing now, to find a location near you goto
  12. Sealab2021

    Jebo PCs...good?

    I'm looking at this JEBO 24" 110w (2x55w)PC light hood, and wondering why it''s half the cost of every other one out it good/bad/the same?
  13. Sealab2021

    Fish Requirements

    with enough rock and pods and if you can get one to eat brine and such they can be kept in a 20g.
  14. Sealab2021

    Yellow Clown Goby

    expect him to be most color after the lights been on 3+ hours & after a feeding. My yellow and green ones always were
  15. Sealab2021

    Yellow Clown Goby

    you've got a citron clown goby, and they do change colors to black depending on mood/diet, and when you turn on/off the lights. your fish will still have the ability to turn yellow again although citrons get darker along the top half of their body as they mature.
  16. Sealab2021

    More Algae In Reefs?

    is there any "good/ok" saltwater "plants"? like shaving brush?
  17. Sealab2021


    at 99% of all fish stores there is no guarantee for saltwater. The only time I've actually heard of this occuring is if you make a huge purchase (like a tank w/filter+, etc..) and the guy says bring it back if the fish doesn't work(like he's using the fish as a sales gimick) OR if you personally...
  18. Sealab2021

    More Algae In Reefs?

    is there any caulpera "safe" for displays (no toxin release?)
  19. Sealab2021

    2nd best sand sifting star

    Besides the white/beige "Sand Sifting star", what is another star that will sift sand well? Any comments in the sand sifting job it does?