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  1. dhnguyen

    DIY "Lumenarc" reflectors

    I got the idea from here where you can obtain the plan for it. That said though, I kinda made up my own version of this with my own measurements to fit my tank: Here are the progression pics.
  2. dhnguyen

    Setting up a 125g on the cheap -- DIALUP beware

    1 used 125g glass tank (Oceanic I think) - $120 3X400W SE used complete setup - $180 2 used MJ1200's - $20 (modded stream style) DIY stand and hood - $150 or so in wood, screws, paint, and brackets (2X4's, particle board, 1X4's, and 1X6's) DIY PVC overflow - $20 in PVC parts 1 used...
  3. dhnguyen

    FYI.... If anyone is looking for a tank...

    This is a really good deal for a 200g starphire tank and stand All for $200 If only this ad came out 2 months ago.
  4. dhnguyen

    Where to find white portland cement

    Just as the title stated... I am looking to make some base rocks and would like to find some white portland cement. Only problem is of the 3 local HW stores I've been to, none seem to have even heard of the stuff. Does anyone know where I can pick up and bag or 2? Thanks. D.