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    Need all your help please!!

    Could I please get all of your help!? My daughter and I have entered a local contest and we need your votes PLEASE! You can vote DAILY! We were in the lead, by well over 200 votes, for several weeks and now have fallen into second place. This contest runs through March 31st and is a chance for...
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    Contest help desparately needed...PLEASE!!!

    As some of you may know, I'm a hunter...a proud hunter! A local appliance company, along with a local news station, is running a contest for hunters. That alone is very surprising! HAHA. Anyway, the winner wins a new freezer! We are actually in desparate need of a freezer, as ours is OLD...
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    Inland DFS-100 Reefkeeper Bandsaw

    Inland DFS-100 Reefkeeper Bandsaw Price Drop! Inland DFS-100 Reefkeeper Bandsaw Inland DFS-100 Reefkeeper Bandsaw with extra blade. $250.00 Pickup, in Spokane. This will be up for sale until July 7th. July 8th, we leave the state and will return July 20thISH. List Date: 6/30/2014 Location...
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    200 Gallon Deep Dimension

    The venerable Marineland 200 gallon Deep Dimension has been taken down and is available for sale, as a complete set up. Here's a thread of the entire tank's history, from beginning to end...!!! Included equipment: 200 gallon...
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    Daddy/Daughter Fishing Day! I woke Madison up early this morning with, "Let's go fishing Madison!!" She was dressed and downstairs five minutes later. We drove out to the lake, rented a boat and motor and hit the water. It was cold, windy and threatened rain all day, but she was a little...
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    My Daughter's Dance School needs the help of a bunch of Reef Nerds!!

    So, as some of you may know, our daughter, Madison, is in a competitive dance school. She currently competes in a Tap Dance routine. Another team, from the same school, needs our help!! At last weekend's competition, one of the elite teams was honored with Video of the Week, from Kids...
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    Travel Trailer UPGRADE!!

    So a year ago, Easter Sunday, we purchased our first travel trailer. We'd purchased a 78 20' Aljo, which needed A LOT of work. Our first camping trip, we discovered several plumbing leaks, the furnace didn't work and the hot water heater didn't I fixed the plumbing leaks, we...
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    Within 30 minutes of waking up this morning, we received a text message saying, "Wake up! We're headed to the hospital!" from my daughter, Kaytlin. She WAS pregnant and scheduled to be induced Nov. 30th. Well, baby Kohen decided he was done brewing and ready to meet the world. For a first...
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    Evolution of a predator!

    We've all heard, and feared the evolutionary future of sharks, with lazers mounted on their heads, wondered how it'll ever be safe to go swimming again... Well, is it even safe to go golfing? They've learned to fly and can attack from the sky!! Shark falls from sky onto golfers | News -...
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    Ballet Monkey

    My youngest daughter, Madison, has been in tap/ballet/jazz dancing for four years now. My granddaughter, Patience, just started her first year. On her first day of dance, I posted this, on my facebook, taking bets on if Patience would be "THIS KID." Well, here's the answer...
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    Need some voting help PLEASE!!

    I asked for all of your help, a couple of years ago, on this exact same subject and you all helped us win! I come to you begging for help once again! Newport High School, in Newport, WA, is where I went to high school, oh so many years ago! 3 of my children also went there. A local news...
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    Berghia Nudibranch Club Group Buy!!

    I seem to remember several members mentioning a need for Berghia Nudibranch (Aiptasia eating Nudibranch) recently, so I contacted a couple different sources to work out a best price. It's time for another group buy!! To keep everything as organized as possible, if you're interested in...
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    2XMP40wES placement and mode of operation?

    I finally got the second MP40wES, the other day and am looking for advice on placement and recommended mode of operation. My tank is a 200DD, 48" wide X 36" front to back X 27" tall. The tank is predominately SPS/Clams with some Zoanthids, Acans and Chalices on the bottom. The tank just...
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    Spokane/Coeur D' Alene Reef Society THANKS YOU!

    Cy, Thank you so much for your wonderful support of our growing club! It was so good to have you join us for our 3rd Annual BBQ/Frag Swap! I know it made for a very long, very hot day for you and your family. Your efforts and support and very much appreciated! Now, enjoy your mini vacation...
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    Who broke

    I've been trying to access for the past week, with no luck. Who broke it!?
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    Coral Rx Youtube Video

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    Multiple Rabbitfish??

    Lee, I need some advice... I have a 200 Deep Dimension that has a One Spot Foxface in it, that's been in the tank for about 2 years. Awhile back, I "adopted" a 75 that had a Magnificent Rabbitfish in it. I'm tearing down the 75. What are the chances that the two Rabbitfish will get alone...
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    May have to evacuate

    Still waiting to hear if we'll have to evacuate. This is going on, directly behind out home... Spokane Police Investigating Explosive Device | Spokane/E. WA -
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    Tweekers and PUNKS GRRR!!

    GRRRR!!!!! So today, at about 5:15, my girlfriend shows up at my granddaughter's daycare to pick her up. In and out in 5 minutes, to find the driver's side window of our Suburban smashed in and her purse missing! My daughter comes to pick me up and take me up there. My girlfriend is on the...