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  1. J

    50 posts to view classifieds?

    So, I have been a member since '07 and have been out of the hobby for a few years. I have been looking to set up a new tank and noticed that I can't view the classifieds since I don't have enough posts. I guess I will just have to go to a bunch of open threads and post random things to up my...
  2. J

    Goby/Shrimp pairing

    I have always loved the interaction of some goby species when they share a home with a shrimp. I have searched around for some info on this behavior but have not found much. I would like to get a pair for my tank but I'm not sure where to start. My tank is fish free right now but I do plan on...
  3. J

    PM link

    I know that I havn't been here long, but I was wondering if there is a reason why there isn't a tab on someones post to send them a PM without clicking on their username. I know that it's only one more click of the mouse, but I thought it was kind of strange that it wasn't somewhere in the post...