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    clown goby and acros question

    green gobys never nipped in my experience.. it was the yellow or citron ones that you have to watch out for (by green i mean clown)
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    @#^%& - RTN attack

    i would slowly lower your salinity to 1.025 over the next week... 1.027 is a little high for a reef in my opinion
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    Some of the kids...

    is that an anacrapora in the center front? thats a great coral... i have several frags of that one myself :)
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    Millepora frag survival?

    according to what i have heard from brian from blowfish aquatics the millies will kick the bucket @ or before 48 hours if they are going to... and after that poing they are good to go...
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    my new stuff!

    here is is after the rock left side deep water acro.. which unfortunatley RTN'd last night but i think i saved most of it right side close up of right.... purple rimmed cap comming back from suffering in the other tank...
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    Bring on the clowns....

    those are black percs, they just recently sexed and now the female is much larger than the male... took 2 years i think... my friends tank ;) aww thanks! thats one of my better pics i have taken
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    Glass or Acrylic ?? Vote Preference

    glass as long as they can make one as big as you want... i have acrylic now and i like it but its a PITA to clean
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    what are you saving for?

    everyone is probably saving for something for the reef... lets see a list of what you are saving for... personally i am saving for my dream tank... is is going to be 8'x8'x6' (eight long by eight long by 6 tall corner tank in my house, a little shy of 3,000g) it is about 3.5 years away.. and...
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    Bring on the clowns....

    you could pick her nose if ya wanted ;)
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    How Do You Know When You are a Junkie

    when you are never finished working on your tank? hmm.. i had a 100g that looked good... so i got a 30... and now i am thinking i need more!
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    my new stuff!

    alrightee sounds good! too bad i didnt get the message earlier... he went home today up to grand rapids and probably could of brought it... o well.. he will be going back up there in 2 weeks :)
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    my new stuff!

    i am actually holding it for my friend and he is trying to decide weather to just frag it out or sell it whole. The problem is that is is so large that shippin it is impossible so if it is to go whole it would have to be done in person which means someone in the chicago/indy/michigan area...
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    RTN happens to all of us

    i had a hydnophora that i was keeping in my maintank... and noticed that about 1/6 of it started to RTN... in the span of about 45min to 1 hour it sloughed off a ton of polyps... so i grabbed it and threw it in my other tank under a 10k ushio DE and a ton of flow, and for some reason it...
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    my new stuff!

    and here are the first pics i have take on my breeding long spined cardinals mouthbrooding...
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    my new stuff!

    yea, thats a deepwater piece. i love the thin branches and it glows an irridescent greenish blue under the 20k
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    my new stuff!

    these are in my nearly setup 30g cube that is going to be an SPS only tank with 1 pigmy angel, and a mandarin as occupants... the rock should be here on monday (got dead rock because i dont want to hassel with curing anything or having any unwated visitors) here are some pics of the whole thing...
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    my new stuff!

    Spent a little too much money this weekend... but got some really cool stuff.... yellow acro deepwater acro
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    Gold-band Premnas eggs

    thats awesome! my long spiner cardinals recently mated and one of them (i am guessing the male) now has the eggs in it's mouth... so i dunno what the time is till he spits them out... but i have a long spined urchin in the tank, so hopefully some of them will make it!
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    Chelmon rostratus-Copperbanded Butterfly

    i want one of those soooo bad! I am going to be removing my large sailfin from my tank and replacing it with a small CBB and also a small personifer angel :) i cant wait!
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    Cup coral placement

    the cup that i have is quite rigid is well... mine is ~8" across... and my clown goby likes to hang out in it... i keep mine on the sand... from what i have heard they are related to sun corals however they are also partially photosynthetic... i will feed mine with mysis shrimp on ocassion and...