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    300 gallon braceless OBD with Clear Fab steel stand $2500

    Getting ready to move. I'll post pictures later. $2,500 for below: 72" x 48" x 20" (1/2" glass). Powder coated steel stand (gunmetal gray) 45 gallon brute can full of live rock (dry) 4 - 60" T5 lights Canopy if you want it 2 - 19" Lumenarc reflectors if you want them
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    Genesis Reef Systems Renew Pro Auto Water Change

    Genesis Reef Systems Renew Pro Auto Water Change Genesis Reef Systems Renew Pro. This system will complete water changes automatically for you. All you need is a storage bin for your new water. All else is included. That is, the Genesis Renew Pro has the necessary equipment and pumps...
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    Live Rock for sale - SOLD

    Live Rock for sale I've got a large amount of live rock that I'm wanting to sell. There is Tonga branch, Vanauatu, and old school Marshall Island (Hasn't been comerciallly available for years now). All rock is $4 per lb. Live rock rubble is $3 per lb. This has been sitting in my Cryptic...
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    The Reefer's Garage Sale

    The Reefer's Garage Sale Oh, so much gear! I have a problem. Now it's got to go. Matt Bricknell Lighting: Supplement those L.E.D's with a T5 retro kit or go stand alone 1 - 2' T5 retro kit. Ballast, bulbs (blue and actinic), end caps, refelctors. $10 3 - 5' T5 retro kit. Ballast, end caps...
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    Another OBD beauty 72"x48"x20"

    Just wanted to share some photos of the sweet tank I just picked up from OBD. This 72"x48"x20" (nearly 300 gallons) is going to house macro algae's and montipora's.
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    Reefapalooza anybody?

    I'm waiting for my flight to head down to Orange County so that I can hit up Reefapalooza this weekend. Anybody else going to make it to the show?
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    Rumor or Truth?

    I heard somebody talking the other day that Barrier might be having another sale soon. They were talking about it being a midnight sale and raffle. Is this true? I always love the sales. It means more coral and lots of fresh fish. Well? Anybody else hear that?
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    The best just got better

    A big thank you goes out to Jason for taking on a modification that made me cringe :eek: I've been talking with Proline abot upgrading my BK400 Internal. Well the pump showed up late last week. All I had to do now was drill the body and bubble plate :shock:. Not a job for me. That's when I...
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    A little birdie told me that you guys were getting all kinds of Tunze pumps (including some of the new Stream 2's) and a bunch of the Tunze salt. Tell me it's true.
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    Amazing Live Rock

    Just thought I'd share some pictures of the live rock I picked up today from Barrier Reef. I'll have to say that this is now my new favorite. Great shapes, light in weight, minimal hitch hikers (from what I can tell). This has the Jakarta rock beat hands down. This is Vanauatu Live Rock at...
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    Elos system 60 using the 'Purist Line'

    Just thought I would post some pictures of Barrier Reef Aquariums Elos tank. This is always my first stop when I hit up the store. From day one they have been using the Elos 'Purist Line' which is similar to Zeovit. That is, it's a bacteria driven filter system to give your water the clarity...
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    Finally, room for fish and corals

    Just picked up a new tank on Tuesday. The Barrier Reef boys and I drove down to San Francisco this week and picked up my long awaited Elos tank. Dimensions are 84"x40"x25.5". The back wall of the tank has ports for Tunze streams and small intake holes for allowing water behind the false wall...
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    Finally, a big (really big) Elos tank

    So, this is the whole reason Tim, Cy and myself (matt) went down to San Francisco.
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    Sump built for a King

    Just thought I would share some more fine work by Jason. He built me a pretty sweet setup for my new tank that is coming this week. Dimensions are 61"x24"x22". He also built a throne for the King. How appropriate. I can't wait to see this thing filled with water, and I'll be sharing more...
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    Street of Dreams

    I don't know if anybody has headed out to the 'Street of Dreams' up in the Woodinville/Monroe area, but Jason has put together another fine tank. The tank looked like it was 2'x2'x4'. A really nice touch as you walked into the house. I took some pics for those of you that can't make it up...
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    My new Golden Angel

    Thanks for one of the fish that I've always wanted. I saw this guy about a month ago in one of your tanks and fell in love. I passed that day due to their fussy nature. I didn't see him eating yet he was still fat. Well I stopped by today and he was still there. Just my luck. I had you...
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    Elos from Barrier Reef

    If anybody is interested in following the use of the Elos 'Purist Line' products that I am trying, here is a link. I just started the use of the Filtra M and the family of RB products (RB10 - RB50) along with a few other things...
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    The hottest blue stag?

    Just thought I would share a piece that I got from Barrier Reef Aquariums. I was hoping someone could help me I.D. it also. Anybody else have a schweet blue stag? Oh, thanks Tim and Cy.
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    Tank with a slight crack!

    Jason, Just wondering if it is possible to save my tank.:confused: There is about a 8" long crack that starts in the top brace and comes down into the tank body. Can I just pump in some Weld 16 into the crack and put a clamp on the tank? If you need pictures I can probably post some...
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    Thanks Guys

    Just wanted to post a picture of a frag that I picked up from Tim and Cy. Cy is telling me that it is a 'green body blue tip stag'. They had some other nice frags that I would really like to get my hands on, but I am recovering from AEFW and didn't want to rush it. I'm also glad to see that...