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    ID Needed

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    A pic or two

    Love the SPS!
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    Where to buy heat packs

    I'm in need of some heat packs for shipping live stuff. Anyone know where to buy them? Walmart,Target,Big 5 sporting goods? Thank you Roy
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    Cool Pic Or Two

    I shot a couple pics last night. I hope you like them as well as I do. Thanks
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    Bubble covered Algae

    Morning all. My reef tank has been set-up for about 2 months. I have a algae outbreak. It's green/brown rusty color. Its covered with bubbles! During the day,the bubbles are consistently shooting to the surface. Most of it goes away when the MH's are off. After a thorough cleaning,it's back...
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    TDS ?'s

    Hi all, What should RO/DI water test at using a TDS meter? This is for a reef,of course :) Thank you