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    Looking for quality DIY LED

    I prefer DIY Reef LED Kit. These LEDs are Binned for optimal spectrum and performance.
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    Let's Talk About ~Algae Control~

    Algae is one of the most discussed subjects among new lake owners. Managing algae is usually more of a problem for new lakes. A new lake does not have the appropriate stability of vegetation, creature life, and common scientific operate. One of the most considerations that you can do when...
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    Different Forms of Marine Fish Foods

    Micro foods and live foods are best and your article is useful thanks:eyebrows::eyebrows::eek:
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    How To Feed Macro Alage to Marine Fishes

    Is marine fishes are okay with Pond algae? I have tried those , my fishes are not eating .
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    NEW GIVEAWAY: Premium Aquatics 2500 Subscriber Contest

    Here's our 2,500 subscriber giveaway! First of all, Thank you for being a subscriber, now it's time to give back. We'll be giving away 25 $100.00 gift certificates to Rules: 1. Subscribe to Premium Aquatics 2. Like this video 3. Leave a comment on this video
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    NEW GIVEAWAY: OCTO Pulse 4 Review

    In Today's video we take a look at the Octo Pulse 4 Wave Pump from Reef Octopus available at Premium Aquatics. Octo Pulse 4 Wave Pump: Octo Pulse 2 Wave Pump: Octo Pulse 2 Wave Pump review: The new Octo Pulse 4 is a...
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    Proper sump size for a 130gal

    @darklcd There are several factors, such as but not really restricted to the amount in the sump, the production of the flow push and/or highest possible throughput that your flows over will manage. If you know the normal working stage in the sump you can figure out flood quantity based on the...
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    tank plumbing

    @blackwatch I hope not soo...
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    tank plumbing

    I have the same doubt as i am a marine student , i couln't find the proper explanation for this , means real time example. Can you explain briefly?