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  1. hank187

    Starting again and over.

    I had a few tanks at one point. I Suffered a catastrophic failure. And now I'm thinking about returning to the hobby. I'm looking for a 30 to 50 gal tank. I can't spend much. If you have or know some one with a tank I'm looking. Thank you
  2. hank187

    red bubble algae

    I have a red bubble algae that I'd like to get rid of, if anybody has any information or has dealt with it before please let me know how to treat it thank you.
  3. hank187

    ? on setting up my 40 B

    The wife and I are going to set up a 40 breeder in a few weeks. it is going to replace our 34g solana. We picked because we like the foot print. We need a stand and sump. I dont know if I want to go to with a open top or a canopy. We are going to do a corner overflow and the return will come out...
  4. hank187

    My Solana its nice

    Solana 34 it has been running for a few months. I will put a list of inhabitants and corals up in a few days along with pics. I've been a member reef frontiers for while, I had a larger tank it it was a 120 aga with corner overflows and I had to sell a year ago. Now im back with the small but...
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