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  1. swifter

    Adopted Live Rock

    I have about 20 lbs of live rock(probably not live anymore) that I inherited from a friends tank when he tore it down. It has been dry for nearly a year now and I was wondering what I need to do to make sure that the rock is safe prior to putting it in my 60 gallon tank (little over 2 years old...
  2. swifter

    finally got the 200g to the house

    Thanks to my wonderful fiance, we finally brought home our 200g tank (60x36x21) from Eric at Aquarium Concepts... it is absolutely incredible and I can't wait to begin putting the pieces together. I don't think we will put water or anything else in it until we buy our house... after moving it in...
  3. swifter

    I adopted a sick fish and need help getting him healthy

    Hello y'all, I have adopted 3 fish from an abandoned fish tank (my buddy's old roommates tank) his roommate moved out and left him with the tank and no knowledge of what to do and how to keep things alive. most everything in the tank has died over this time period aside from 2 clown fish and 1...
  4. swifter

    bio balls in overflow

    Hello everyone, I just saw a picture of someone who had their overflow filled with (what I assume are) bio balls. the overflow still flowed down to a sump. Now on to my question, is this something that is worth doing? also what would be the pro's and con's of adding this additional biological...
  5. swifter

    my 200 gallon tank (what fish to go with)

    So i'm thinking I want to do just FOWLR for a while and see if I like it enough that way. I have a 200 gallon tank dimension (60x21x36) and i'm thinking of doing a semi-aggressive to aggressive tank. I was thinking of adding tangs/triggers/and a puffer fish... any reason these guys can't live...
  6. swifter

    Calcium reactor

    Dumb question I'm sure but what does a calcium reactor do and how does it do it? Also what is the purpose behind the CO2 tanks I see under many reef tanks? thanks
  7. swifter

    sump/return pump

    I have a 200 gallon tank and will be building a 60 gallon sump for it. how many GPH should my return pump be able to handle. the 200 gallon tank has 2 overflow hoses drilled through the base of the tank. thanks
  8. swifter

    Lighting for 200 gallon deep dimension tank

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for some information on what lighting system to go for. I have a 200 gallon tank that is 36" tall and I would like to use LED's. if you have a link to any specific products or just know the name and type of the light will you put a message in here for me and anyone...
  9. swifter

    I had an idea for Sump/Refugium set up

    So I found a good deal on an acrylic sump but it doesn't have much room for a Refugium. I thought about it and came up with an idea that maybe I could use the sump normally and then I could set my 30 gallon glass tank up as a Refugium and just pump water between them. what are y'all's thoughts...
  10. swifter

    the new tank for christmas!

    Hey Y'all, I just thought I would say something on here about my new tank. I will be working to get it set up and running over the next month. My Fiance bought for me a 200 gallon custom tank with an overflow built in for christmas (this was a huge step from the 60 gallon we got last year)...
  11. swifter

    Lighting for a 29 Gallon Soon to be Reef tank

    Hello everyone, I'm in the process of converting my "spare" 29 gallon tank to what I hope eventually is a reef tank/sea horse tank. I wanted your advice on what type of lighting to use for it to cover the majority of corals. I am very new to the idea of adding them and would like something to...
  12. swifter

    new stand and design for Sump

    so I currently have a 60 gallon FOWLR tank I received from My Fiance last Christmas (what an awesome present right???). the only real downside to the set up she got me, is that the stand, while looking very nice, has very little room for a sump/refugium underneath it. I have been throwing around...
  13. swifter

    squirrel fish

    Hello again, what are y'all's thoughts on Squirrel fish? My fiance loves the look of them and has one in the tank at work. I need to know the good and bad about them. a few questions are: what do they eat? how big do they get? are they aggressive? (will they be alright in my tank for a...
  14. swifter


    Hello again, This may be a dumb question but can someone define what "Wet/Dry" filtration is and also what "full mechanical filtration" is? thanks
  15. swifter

    Coral Inserts for Fish Only tank

    Hello everyone, I was thinking recently about the possibility of using a coral insert in my 60 gallon tank for the time being (when I upgrade to a much larger tank I will look to add live coral/invert's) My questions are; how do coral inserts work as a replacement for live rock? also, what...
  16. swifter

    I'm having newbe issues

    Hello y'all, so I am just curious if someone can help me figure out how to reply to classified ads. I can find the reply button on generic threads but I can't find a reply button on classified ads. can someone help me get this figured out? thanks!
  17. swifter

    question about lighting

    I was just wondering if I can order LED's off Amazon and custom make my own light fixture to replace the halogen bulbs. (preferably not the very expensive LED's). I had an idea of mounting a string of LED's inside the hood that was made for my tank. thanks for the thoughts and opinions.
  18. swifter

    some new aquarist questions here

    Hello everyone, I got into marine aquariums last Christmas and have fallen in love with them. along with the excessive amount of money that goes into this hobby I have realized it is a challenge and it is very fulfilling. that being said, I am trying to move forward with my first tank after...
  19. swifter

    My clown fish are acting up

    Hello, I'm new to this forum but I have a 60 gallon FOWLR tank that has been established for a round a year now. I noticed my Nitrate levels were high recently and I have done 2 water changes since then (about 10 gallons each) I have also added additional filtration (Fluval 305 Cannister...
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