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  1. dnjan

    Critters for Hair Algae

    What are your preferred critters for eating hair algae? Thanks, Don
  2. dnjan

    CandyCane tentacle extension

    I am curious about what exactly triggers LPS (cancycanes, for example) to extend feeding tentacles. I have two cancycanes in the tank. A brown with green centers and a mint green. The mint green extends its feeding tentacles out at least an hour or two each evening before the brown with green...
  3. dnjan

    how often do you clean detritus from your sump?

    I got to thinking about the last time I cleaned the detritus from my sump. How often do you clean yours?
  4. dnjan

    Strangest place you've found a snail

    So yesterday, looking at the tank, I noticed a small (nassarius-size, can't remember the name) snail on the elbo that comes out the bottom of my seaswirl. Peacefully riding along, back and forth, munching away. No clue how he got there! What strange places have you found snails?
  5. dnjan

    peppermint snails

    Can someone suggest a source for peppermint snails? Thanks!
  6. dnjan

    In-line probe recommendations

    I am looking for recommendations for some in-line probes. Specifically, I would like to be able to continuously monitor: Index of refraction (specific gravity) Conductivity pH I would like to have fairly good precision, but would also like to get the probes and monitors for under about $3,000...
  7. dnjan

    Always a new challenge ...

    Prologue About a month ago the tank GFCI tripped. I re-set it and everything was fine. So I figured that sometimes they just trip. The Story Yesterday I came home to a dark tank and the battery-powered air pump was running. I reset the GFCI and everything was fine. For about two hours...
  8. dnjan

    saw an old "friend" last night

    Was looking at the aquarium after dark, and I saw what looked like a long colourless tentacle coming out of some live rock. This extended out about 1-1/4 inches as it seemed to be searching for food/detritus. I remember seeing something similar when the tank was set up back in 2000, but hadn't...
  9. dnjan

    T5-HO Questions

    I am considering switching from VHO to T5HO, and have some questions: first, how long (outside of endcap to outside of endcap) are the "48-inch" T5HO systems? and second, since this will be a retrofit, what are good (parabolic) reflectors? thanks!
  10. dnjan

    lionfish in the Caribbean

    There was a story on NPR recently about Pacific Lionfish in the Caribbean. Has anyone (Krish) run into these??? The story blamed the acquarium hobby.
  11. dnjan

    If you haven't done a water change in a while ...

    a long while. Would it be better to do as series of small water changes (say 10%), or a larger water change (at least 33%)? Small water changes will take a large number to have any effect. But will not shock the tank. A large water change will have more of a fixing effect, but could cause a...
  12. dnjan

    Looking for a tank sitter - near UW campus

    I will be on sabbatical leave from about mid August to mid December. My wife will be staying in Seattle, but would prefer to not have to deal with the tank. Tank is 100-gal, established over ten years. Will need weekly make-up water refill, skimmer emptying, etc. I would prefer a UW grad...
  13. dnjan

    Icecap 660 question

    My VHO's haven't come on for the past two days, and I am hoping it is just the fuse. My question - how do I get to the fuse. I found a black plastic piece about the diameter of a dime on one end of the ballast. Inside it is a white plastic piece with a screwdriver slot. I assumed that a...
  14. dnjan

    Salinity to index of refraction conversion

    I am looking for a link with information on converting the the salinity reading from a refractometer (calibrated to ppt sodium cloride solution) over to index of refraction. Oh, and another conversion from index of refraction over to brix would be nice as well. Thanks!
  15. dnjan

    Nothing like a couple of hot days to remind a guy to clean his dust filters ...

    I always forget to clean the dust filters on the fans in my hood. But when the weather gets hot, I get desperate to cool the tank. Then I remember that I can't remember when I last cleaned the filters. Two hours after I replaced the filters, the tank temperature had dropped a half of a...
  16. dnjan

    da@@ urchins!

    Don't get me wrong - I like my two long-spine urchins. but recently my digital thermometer for the tank quit reading temperature. Today I noticed that the thermocouple lead, which had been covered with hair algae, is now bare and showing a white line (which I assume to be the inside...
  17. dnjan

    Diatoms are good?

    I recently had a discussion with a colleague in which he explained that diatoms are a major food source for zooplankton. He went on to describe how wonderful diatoms were - how they were good at utilizing nutrients, how they were especially high in fatty acids, etc. Since many corals consume...
  18. dnjan

    U-district reeftopia order

    Anyone in the U-district interested in a Reeftopia order? I could probably go with $40-$50 in snails and crabs, but can't be home to receive the order.
  19. dnjan

    Rhodactis reaction to magnesium

    I was adding some magnesium supplement (Tropic Marin Bio-Magnesium) to the tank and noticed that all three of the Giant Green Metallic Mushroom Anemones (Rhodactis sp.) in the tank "onioned". Didn't notice any change in the other corals. Just an observation ...
  20. dnjan

    pH to kill pathogens

    How high would the pH need to be to kill most reef pathogens?
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