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  1. MC Lighting

    I'm BACK!

    Thank you so much for the information, I will get joined on the FB page.
  2. MC Lighting

    I'm BACK!

    wow I can't believe how much this forum has shrunk while I was out... Where is everyone hiding these days? Any local clubs to look at again?
  3. MC Lighting

    I'm BACK!

    After selling off my 180 reef during hard times I kept a FOWLR tank and finally getting back into the hobby... Sorry for disappearing for so long but life got in the way of the hobby :-( I just put a EcoTech Radion XR30W Gen 3 on the tank, added to the inhabitants and starting to add some...
  4. MC Lighting

    Lets talk LED's..............

    interesting because all of the commercial units I have seen so far are definitly PWM...
  5. MC Lighting

    Lets talk LED's..............

    so the one thing I still cannot understand (and please understand I am looking at it from a technical stance which does not necessarly mean it applies to fish lol) If you are using a controller to dim the LED's which means you are using PWM that means the LED is only on for a fraction of a...
  6. MC Lighting

    Power outage!

    I have never been able to understand how people can spend tens of thousands of dollars and loose tanks because they refuse to spend $1k on a decent generator just boggles my mind.... The Honda EU's are quiet, reliable and very fuel efficient and can be had on CL under $1k
  7. MC Lighting

    Back again....

    Hello to all it has been way to long but I had to get out of the hobby due to some health issues amongst other life "issues" I am back into the hobby although slowly I just picked up a 75g show tank over the weekend as my 26 gallon bow front had been weeping for some time and finally went to...
  8. MC Lighting

    Anyone running the Octopus BH800s HOB Skimmer???

    So I decided with the leaking tank to upgrade to a 75 gallon out of desperation and desire to get back into the hobby... I talked myself out of a canister knowing that was not the right avenue and decided to buy a HOB Octopus. My question for anyone running one of them is there a good way to...
  9. MC Lighting

    HELP - Will Agronite Sand Storm hurt fish and brittle star?

    the fish are still in the old tank with just a heavy haze but nowhere near the new tanks level of cloudiness I guess i will leave them til i can get a filter in the morning. Thanks for the advice, I hope all is well with you?
  10. MC Lighting

    HELP - Will Agronite Sand Storm hurt fish and brittle star?

    sorry double post... I have been out of this stuff for too long and look at what /i do to myself!
  11. MC Lighting

    HELP - Will Agronite Sand Storm hurt fish and brittle star?

    Yes I am well aware of procedure but I let the leaking water on new carpet overide common sense and sanity... Of course I found out the leak was about 3/4 of the way down the tank so I could have taken time for proper procedures :-( That being said the bag said ok to not rinse so now /i just...
  12. MC Lighting

    HELP - Will Agronite Sand Storm hurt fish and brittle star?

    I did some quick searching but did not find any answers specifically for fish.... OK so my 26 gallon has a leak and in the urgency of things I bought a new 75g tank stand and new agronite sand from Pets Mart (No I don't want to hear about it) Anyways I am moving all of the live rock, sand and...
  13. MC Lighting

    Crazy blue zoo prices

    I just got back from getting one of the 2 last rocks with these really cool zoas. Whether they are or are Tubbs I don't know but they sure do LOOK like them. Seem to be pretty happy.
  14. MC Lighting

    designing pro equipment, what do you want???

    Thanks everyone for all of the input. We are getting really excited about all of the products we plan on bringing to market. As Mark said though the first few things will be simple and then the cool stuff will come day by day. We found out that because of most of the requests we had to step...
  15. MC Lighting

    Blue Sierra Drygoods ON SALE!

    by chance is IO salt on sale???
  16. MC Lighting


    Man so sorry to hear about this, I understand full well though having been there myself what your going through, if you need help with it let me know!
  17. MC Lighting

    Pictures....sort of...

    uhhhhh I would say you did dam well for your first shot at it....
  18. MC Lighting

    Tragic loss in my reef...

    Hey Matt so sorry man after loosing so many of my things in my move I know just how much this sucks, I am sure you of all people will get it turned around and with all of the generous people on this board can get back some of the stuff you had fragged out over time. Goof luck my friend.
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