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  1. spieszak

    2019 Reef Photos

    a few quick pictures from yesterday. Yes, that is a big beautiful aiptasia next to a really cool mussel growing in the sump of my 120 This goni is finally starting to look like something. I've been moving it around for quite a while to find the flow it likes. The image doesn't do this...
  2. spieszak

    Rollermat question

    I hadn't researched that far... I didn't know you had to buy two controllers. I will definitely look at that.
  3. spieszak

    Rollermat question

    I am jealous of the wifi controller. I have been eyeing the new ones, the reef waves
  4. spieszak

    Rollermat question

    Looks good. Hope that smell part holds up to the end of the roll!
  5. spieszak

    Rollermat question

    I'll be interested to hear the results..
  6. spieszak

    Rollermat question

    i don't know, but I have read that changing the rolls (on either) is no fun
  7. spieszak

    Giving it up.

    That's great to hear
  8. spieszak

    5 gallon reef comeback

    That sucks. I didn't mean to ruin your plans, but, better to be ahead of the game I suppose. The black box leds are going to be plenty for that tank, and, to be honest, the don't cost much more than a years worth of replacement bulbs (depending on how often you replace) Something like this...
  9. spieszak

    5 gallon reef comeback

    Weird, I did a search and couldn't find any bulbs that weren't general consumer based. It doesn't matter how bad my google fu is though, as long as you are able to find them :)
  10. spieszak

    5 gallon reef comeback

    Are those 18" T5 bulbs? If they are, they were pretty tough to find a few years back and I would doubt it has gotten easier. Just a heads since it might force you into looking at other means for lighting.
  11. spieszak

    Arrivals 1/27 - 1/31

    Picked up one of the Fox Corals on Saturday. So cool to see them back in stock. Store looks great!
  12. spieszak

    posting in the classifieds

    yeah, the sales forums have always been a sticking point. someone who knows the forum software better than me, or with more rights will have to look
  13. spieszak

    posting in the classifieds

    (for comparison purposes) I see it, but its way over to the right... I don't see the insufficient privileges message either. I took a look on the admin side, but I either can't find it or don't have permission to edit permissions on forums.
  14. spieszak

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas RF.
  15. spieszak

    Old school frag swap

    Still lots of folks that will trade frags or help out when a tank crashes. Just harder to find them now because there isn't a common place where everyone gets together
  16. spieszak

    Anybody still come here??

    Methods have been refined to help you avoid water changes, and some folks are having success with them. When I looked at Triton, with the testing and dosing folks are doing, it seemed more over complicated and expensive. Of course, I do automated daily water changes, so, my method is really...
  17. spieszak

    2019 Toy drive with big raffle prizes

    I couldn't do much, but its more than nothing!
  18. spieszak

    Black Friday Goodies

    Anyone get anything cool? I got a DOS to automate water changes on my second tank.....
  19. spieszak

    Old school frag swap

    I don't remember that specifically, but people just don't share like they used to. $600 a polyp corals took the place of sharing. Hobby trends.