2018 INDMAS Frag Swap - March 17th - Danville, IN

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Feb 21, 2018

The time has come for us all to set our smart phones for the best day in reefing around! The 2018 INDMAS Annual Frag Swap is just around the corner and scheduled for March 17[SUP]th[/SUP], 2018. And we are in a new location for the St. Patrick frag action just 18 miles from downtown Indy...in Danville!
If you think last year was action packed…you don’t want to miss the NEW, larger venue. This year we have added a speaker before the event, will have 2 food trucks, and have plans for even cooler raffles! Our vendors and hobbyists will have tons of corals for you to shop for from 12pm to 4pm. Wear something green and get a door prize...while supplies last!
More information will be posted shortly regarding tables for vendors and hobbyists that have booked, a frag swap FAQ, and more! This INDMAS Frag Swap will be a great event to bring the whole family out to enjoy.

Tentative Schedule for the day is as follows:
10am: Pre-registration for Speaker & Event
10:30am – 11:30am: Speaker Presentation
11:30am: Early entry into Swap for Speaker Attendees
12pm to 4pm: 2018 INDMAS Frag Swap

Set your calendars, and start the list of corals you must have for 2018!
Reeftrader is up now for this event and is ready for you to start pre-selling those corals! Check it out and start listing them today!

To keep up with all of the latest information on the 2018 INDMAS Frag Swap...check out our rolling thread here:


We hope to see all of you there this year, and don't forget that new members who join INDMAS at the door receive a FREE coral! We will even have the education room set up to show you care for your new animal, and how to dip the coral to prevent any unwanted pests. You won't want to miss St. Patricks Day in Danville this year at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds on March 17th, 2018!!

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