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280 Gal Starphire Tank for sale

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Jul 12, 2014
Tank dimensions 6 L x 3 W x 2 H 280 Gal
Been a great tank just can't afford to keep it going.
Currently in use and need to sell off livestock or can take with you for free if you buy the Tank.
Tons of live Rock and Sand.
Large sump built by Mojoreef. Has 3 inlets and 3 sock tray. 2 in tank media canisters, Biopellet reactor that feeds the skimmer. 2 trays for other media or filters, 400 W heater. 1 Return pump.
Metal square tube frame for base.
Led lighted , 2 dual and 1 single fixture chained together and works with Apex Fusion controller. 3 light type controlled. Suspended hanger frame for lights
1 External large media reactor.
1 Apex Fusion controller with temp probe, Ph probe and ORP probe. 1 light meter.
1 large Algae Scrubber with pump.
Have a couple of extra sumps and Refugium (Acrylic)
1 75 gal make up tank and 1 150 gal make up tank, RO filter setup.
1 large old not used protein skimmer
1 5600 gal/hr circulation pump
2 wave makers Maxspect Gyre xf-250 with 1 controller

Call for best offer or deal. You pick up. Milton-Freewater, OR