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Dec 13, 2014
Over There
I'm am starting a new thread on an old build.
Been planning this for a long, long time. Now it is going to happen.
In wall 310 acrylic tank.
As some of you know this will be pic heavy, and very detailed. But first a list of what I have to get this build underway.

53 X 45 X 30 3/4'' acrylic DIY Tank 310gal.
60 X 30 X 14 1'' acrylic sump 110gal.
32 X 24 X 18 return tank 60gal.
30gal ATO reserve tank
55gal mixing barrel
55gal FW barrel
Water General 5 stage RO-DI

one oversized steel stand with wood platform
2ea. 800watt Titanium Finnex controlable heaters
2ea 20 amp electric lines
8 outlet American DJ power strp
3 CTL 170 watt led lite fixtures
Apex controler with PH, and ORP probes
ATO breakout box

Reef Oct. elite 220 internal skimmer
Vertex carbon reactor
57 watt Aqua life UV sterilizer

Reeflow Hammerhead 6000gph Closed Loop pump
Reeflow Super Dart 4200gph return pump
Ocean Motions 4way Wave maker with 1,2-3,4 drum
2ea 1'' Seaswirls at 1500gph each
200lbs of Tonga Rock multi-branch, and shelf rock
200lbs Marco rock , flat one side.

That is a good start.... I think


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Jul 12, 2011
p-town, WA
*checking *working
I like the nemo shark on the water barrel. Lol
My daughter just started watching nemo. Bruce I think is his name!
Anyways, how goes it?


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Dec 13, 2014
Over There
Wish I could say I am making progress ... but Mojo got in a jam, Peppie to the rescue. Have to build some cabinets before I get back to the build.
I did manage to spend some more cash, bought some more rock. LOL I will be selling some rock once this aqua-scape is complete.
I also picked up a 57 watt UV sterilizer.
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