400 gallons of saltwater running through my house.

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Mantis Shrimp
Apr 1, 2010
Missoula, MT
Hello Gang,

My name is Devon. I live in Missoula, Montana. I've been keeping saltwater tanks for around 6 years. My better half, Shelby, has been there all along the way helping me attain my degree from Bend Over University. :lol:

Currently we have a 270 gallon reef display tank that's been up for a little over 3 years. Under the display is a 40 gallon sump, 1/3 hp chiller, 2 - Mag Drive 24s (returns), Mag Drive 18 (refugium) and a Prizm Pro Skimmer. To the right of my display tank is a 90 gallon refugium with a deep sand bed. I grow a bunch of Chaetomorpha macroalgae in the fuge for nutrient export.

For lighting I run a Current 3X150W MH w/ LEDS & 3 - 2' 96W T5 Tek lights on the display & a 4' 324W T5 Tek light on the refuge.

I have kept two threads going at Reefland:

Because We Like Pictures... (http://www.reefland.com/forum/northwest-montana-reef-club/26854-because-we-like-pictures.html)

90 Gallon Refugium... (http://www.reefland.com/forum/northwest-montana-reef-club/26680-90-gallon-refugium.html)

and a blog at: www.DevonMorton.com - Devon Morton's Reef Tank Blog

I hope to meet new and old friends here on Reef Frontiers!

Full tank by devonmorton, on Flickr

Time Change by devonmorton, on Flickr

Refugium Setup by devonmorton, on Flickr
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Mantis Shrimp
Apr 1, 2010
Missoula, MT
Beautiful tank!! Any shots of your filtration?? :)
I guess I should start with some of the first building pictures and work my way forward. I built my tank and sump under the supervision of Mike at Tropical World in Missoula.

Building by devonmorton, on Flickr

Before molding.

Overflow Covers by devonmorton, on Flickr

Over flow covers.

Bottom by devonmorton, on Flickr

Bottom of tank, installing bulk heads.

Return in overflow upsidedown by devonmorton, on Flickr

Installing return PVC in overflows.

Empty without overflow covers by devonmorton, on Flickr

Setting up

Left side of Sump with auto top off by devonmorton, on Flickr

Left side of Sump, Return Pumps, Auto Top-Off

Right Side Sump by devonmorton, on Flickr

Right side of Sump, Returns & Filter pads.

Mag 24s by devonmorton, on Flickr

Mag 24s for returns.

Right End Sump and Skimmer by devonmorton, on Flickr

Right side of sump with skimmer (filter pads behind).

90 Gallon RO & Saltwater by devonmorton, on Flickr

90 gallon RO tank and Saltwater tank in the basement. I have drilled my sump and do automatic 5% saltwater changes twice a week. ATO pulls from the RO tank.

Devon & Shelby by devonmorton, on Flickr
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Dec 14, 2009
Everett, WA
Hey Devon, a BIG welcome aboard and what a great build to share with us all. There are some really tallented DIY'ers on this site to share ideas & experience with.

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