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Hermit D Crab
Nov 20, 2003
Hey club memebers,

I have been trying different lighting combinations over the tank and after a long boring story I won't bore you with, I've ended up with 1 extra 400DE set up.

The pendant and bulb are made by Coralvue and the ballast by PFO. Each was purchased from Custom Aquatic. This ballast is an upgrade and immediately fires the bulb on startup whereas the original Coralvue Ballast required 2-4 cycles before firing.

The ballast for sale has actually never been used. The bulb has been used 8hrs daily for 3 months.

Coralvue Pendant
Coralvue 20K 400 DE Bulb
400W PFO HQI Ballast

Pricing on customr aquatic:
400W 20K Coralvue bulb - 114.95
Pendant - 94.99
PFO HQI Ballast - 159.99
Tot - 369.93 (not including shipping)

The set-up would make a SWEET clam tank light. I just don't have the funding to do it...

I am asking 295.00 for local club memebers. If no one in the club is interested I will open it up to the broader audience.

PM me if you are interested,
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