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Ed Hahn

Life is A Highway...
Jan 27, 2004
Kennewick, Wa
This year we have aquired more experience by means of more personel. We have recently bought a refractometer and 4 video tapes. These may be checked out by me. I am in the process of buying a TDS meter and a RO/DI unit. I currently have a commercial RO unit. I recently got a 55 gallon plastic barrel that is sealable for transport of Ro or RO/DI water for club use. I have two trailers to transport things. I have a open trailor with sides. I have a enclosed Wells Cargo trailer. I have a professional grade extractor for removeal of water in case of emergencies. I also have a commercial wet vac. The benefit of owning a floor cleaning business. We have traveled learning different ways to improve our own systems. We have watched Do it your selfers with minds that should be noted more. We have learned which stores we can trust. We have shared information amongst ourselves that is important to those wanting to grow in this hobby. We have shared our equipment to benefit others. We have shared deals that were located on the spur of a moment. We have all learned that we can depend on each other in times of need. We have grown as friends. I look forward to seeing you all at next meeting.
Thanks for being there...
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