Any ideas, baby beast!

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Crows Ridge

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Mar 20, 2004
Eugene, Or
I found this tank today and am contemplating it very seriously. It works out to 518g. It pretty deep for a reef, but for the price, and the size, I cant really pass it up. Well, maybe I can, but!

It is 3/4'' glass ( less scratches) galvanized stand, drilled for overflows and return in the bottom. I couldnt find any defects and they will fill it before delivery for leak test.

I have planned to cut a hole in the garage/family room wall (on slab) no weight issues.

Since my new tank (inspired by Saturdays meeting) was only going to be 6' long instead of 8', I was thinking of making a black acrylic wall at 6' inside where the new overflow teeth across the top and bulkheads, spraybars and lock lines at various locations in the bulkhead wall plumbing in the end compartment, and maybe no need for a sump?????

The garage is much cooler than the current tank room, close to the service panel.

I would have to set it up and then pretty much leave it since it is 42'' tall, so that has me bugged a little. Maybe it would help break me from always rearranging things

Ideas and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Chris


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Aug 26, 2003
Portland, OR
Wow 42" depth. Got your scuba equipment? and your dive license?

One thing for sure, you won't be init too much, so you gotta get your aquascaping done the first time. How are you gonna to add corals? Long handled tongs?

You could raise the bottom up with PVC structure and go form there? Kind of a waste of space but it'll be with in reaching distance and if it's inwall, you could hide the bottom. Just an idea.