Any puget sound area sailors out there?

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Feb 25, 2004
Seattle, WA
I figured I'd toss this here, since reefing and loving the water seem to be a pretty common thing.

I'm getting ready to sell about 3/4 of my material crap, buy a crusing yacht, and live in a marina for at least a few years. (Unfortunatly, this will probably mean delaying the reefing thing a bit, but I figure I'll try to make up for it by giving good photography advice, and some nice pictures from the boat) Sadly, however, my sailing experience isn't near what I'd like for that undertaking, and the current skipper I crew with is about done for the season due to working weekends now.

Sooooo, anybody out there own a sailing yacht and need somebody to pull some line for them in trade for a chance to get out on the water some more this season?

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