April Contest Winner

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Jan 25, 2004

BlennyBabe won the Reef Frontiers April Contest - the prize was a $200 certificate to Arizona Coral Company. Woohoo!! Can't wait to hear what you get!

Thank you everyone that participated in this month's contest. I hope you found it enjoyable!

A special THANK YOU to Arizona Coral Company for sponsoring this event!!


Oct 7, 2003
Gig Harbor Wa
As most of you know, I won the $200 gift certificate to Arizona Coral Company by winning April's Contest. Well, Its awesome enough that they donated the prize. Then when I contacted John, he told me that since I was a reeffrontiers member, that I got an additional 20% off the list price, so it was really a $240 gift certificate!
well then I selected some coralsbut still couldnt make up my mind on a few of them. So John threw in the frags that I was wanting for free, and then let me "preview" the new site (which is amazing by the way!) and pick the last of my selection.

Shipping to Gig Harbor was $60, but I needed saturday delivery, so it was an extra $30. My corals arrived in great shape. All the corals were at least tripple bagged, some more than that. They all acclimated well and the polyps were out within 10 minutes of being in my tank. but there was one problem...
John had forgotten to ship one of the corals I ordered.
So hes shipping it tomorrow and hes covering all the shipping costs. I couldnt believe it. I figgured that he would just give me store credit to use whenever I placed another order.

They whole experience has been better than I could have hoped for, and I wasnt even a paying customer! John has been amazing! He answers emails incredible fast. I would gladly do business with him again.

John thanks so much for everything!!!