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Arrivals 1/11 - 1/15

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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef had three shipments this week. Two Mixed Wholesale and Cleaner Crew+ all arrived. We have also been fully restocked with pods, phyto and Reef Nutrition foods (back in store at 12 noon Thursday as we put everything in a remote fridge/freezer during the power outage).

Mixed Wholesale 1 - Arrived Wednesday
1-sm flagfin angel
1-coral beauty
1-sm majestic angel
1-juv emperor angel
1-s/m yellow belly regal angel
6-sunset anthias
12-lyretail anthias
1-diadema dotty
3-red spotted algae blenny
2-gold midas blenny
1-tailspot blenny
6-algae blenny
1-copperband bfly
2-ruby red scooter
2-blue mandarin
3-wheelers shrimp goby
2-yellow watchman
3-red fire fish
8-diamond sifter goby
4-golden head sifter goby
1-powder blue tang
5-s/m hippo tang
3-desjardini tang asst sizes med - xl - great bubble algae grazers
1-scopas tang
1-male and 1 female blue throat triggers
1-rosy scale fairy wrasse
8-lg cleaner shrimp
3-pink coco worm
180-trochus snails
50-mexican turbo snail

Cleaner Crew+ - Arrived Wednesday
24-scarlet hermit
4-red gorgonians
30-emerald crab
60-peppermint shrimp
24-flame scallop
300-astraea snail
12-asst plants

Mixed Wholesale 2 - Arrived Wednesday
3-purple urchins
6-lg cleaner shrimp
7-dragon's breath macro
3-med yellow tang
2-s/m kole tang
2-sm flame fin tang
3-porcupine puffer sm
6-royal gramma
1-swissguard basslet
6-lyretail anthias
1-potters angel
1-ultra sunburst goniopora frag red/yellow
1-red goniopora frag
3-green goni frag
1-red darwin favia frag
1-green darwin favia frag
1-darth maul zoa
1-s/m aust elegance
1-green LT plate
1-dragon soul favia
1-ultra neon green round trachy