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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef has a bunch of shipments arriving this week. As of Wednesday we are open our regular hours from 10-7. We had mixed wholesale arrive Tuesday. ORA Captive Bred Animals arrives Wednesday, along with Local Aquaculture. We also have been restocked with Algae Barn Pods/Phyto & LRS Frozen is coming Thursday. Marco Rock should arrive any day now as well.

Mixed Wholesale - Arrived Tuesday
Most of these fish went into QT. We have fish coming out of QT Friday. Finally!
2-bicolor blenny
18-azure damsel
6-diamond sifter goby
2-pink and blue sot watchman
6-white sifter goby
3-valentini puffer
1-sm blonde naso
3-sm flame fin tang
1-lg naso tang
1-med powder blue tang
4-med yellow tang
2-med male blue jaw trigger
1-five bar mystery wrasse
4-sixline wrasse
1-trachy metallic
1-snowcap green plating monti
1-aust elegance coral
1-bicolor acan hillae
2-green sinularia
1-cabbage leather
1-tonga yellow leather
1-abalone - sold
6-m/l cleaner shrimp
3-fire shrimp
3-candy stripe pistol shrimp
1-tiger pistol - sold
50-lg nassarius snail
6-tiger sand conch

ORA Captive Bred Animals - Arrives Wednesday
These fish will be put right out in our captive bred livestock system.
6-canary blenny
6-pajama cardinal
1-electric indigo dottyback
1-elongate dotyback
3-orchid dottyback
1-whitespot pygmy file - sold
4-sharknose goby
2-pom pom xenia
1-vargas cepsitularia
1-green birdsnest
1-green tip birdsnest
2-hawkins echinata
1-miami orchid
2-blue tuxedo urchin

Local Aquaculture - Arrives Wednesday
3-single stalk xenia
2-meteor shower cyphastrea
1-jf jack o lantern lepto
2-miami hurricane chalice
1-jf freak hair pavona
1-blue hornet zoa
1-cali tort
1-seasons greeting monti
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