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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Its going to be a special week at Barrier Reef. Mixed Wholesale (pre-conditioned fish for sale immediately) and Berghia Nudibranchs arrived Tuesday. Caribbean Cleaners arrive Wednesday. Mixed Wholesale and a "special" coral shipment both arrive Friday. More details to follow Thursday evening! We will be loaded up on coral, fish, and inverts for the weekend. Algae Barn Phyto and Pods are also coming in Wednesday.

Mixed Wholesale - Arrived Tuesday - These fish come from a supplier that pre-conditions and we feel comfortable putting them in their own system and selling them right away. Its been hard to keep up with demand and we're being forced to evolve to keep you all happy. Don't worry, 2 week QT'd fish will continue and having 8 systems allows us lots of flexibility.
4-s/m flame fin tang
2-md hippo tang
6-retro chromis
20-m/l green chromis
3-rainfords goby
4-diamond sifter goby
8-purple firefish
12-red firefish
5-yellow watchman goby
6-hi fin aka black fin aka yellow rose goby
2-red spot algae blenny
3-bicolor blenny
3-purple pseudo
2-m/l male blue jaw trigger
2-dragon pipe
2-burgundy flasher wrasse males
1-l/xl male pintail wrasse
2-male lubbocks fairy wrasse
5-sixline wrasse
4-sand star
3-royal urchin
2-black longspine urchin
4-sexy shrimp
6-candy stripe pistol shrimp
3-electric flame scallop
3-pom pom crab
50-mexican turbo snail
75-bumble bee snail
100-trochus snail!!
1-female lyretail anthias
1-randalls assessor
3-med copperband bfly
6-threadfin cardinal
12-azure damsel
1-randalls shrimp goby
1-geometric pygmy hawk
1-super red/yellow fuzzy dwarf lion
1-valentini puffer
4-m/l fox face rabbit
1-med clown tang
1-m/l orange shoulder tang
1-med flame fin tang
1-lg desjardini tang
6-yellow coris wrasse
1-lg male mccoskers flasher wrasse
1-quoy's parrot
6-lg cleaner shrimp
2-yellow banded cleaner shrimp
2-sea hare
1-lg red linkia star
3-asst ricordea yuma!

Caribbean Cleaner Crew+ - Arrives Wednesday Afternoon
450-astraea snail
60-emerald crab
30-peppermint shrimp
100-lg blue leg hermit
50-sm nassarius snail
50-cerith snail
3-condy anemone
3-red flower anemone
3-yellow flower anemone
20-scarlet hermit
40-nerite snail
10-mexican turbo
30-zebra turbo
4-flame scallop
2-royal gramma

Mixed Wholesale and "Special" Coral lists coming Thursday night.


Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef's Livestock Arrivals Continued-

Indonesian Coral! There is no overstating how excited we are to have these corals back. Prices on some things have gone up a little, but I'm looking at a huge variety of species with colony prices between $40-$70.
Jakarta - Arrives Friday
2-metallic green torch
2-special color torch
2-green branch hammer
2-metallic green branch hammer
8-acropora colony
1-polyp combo rock man-made
6-asst green goniopora colony
4-metallic green long tentacle plate
2-ultra acanthophyllia meat coral - see fb photo
1-ultra favia - see fb photo
1-ultra favites - see fb photo
1-vivid ultra dome brain - see fb photo
1-elephant ear mushroom
1-green elephant ear mushroom
1-orange/red/yellow metallic paly
1-metallic star polyp
1-spaghetti leather
2-cabbage coral
1-devils hand
2-young soft coral
1-purple fungia plate
2-bright orange plate
3-green dome brain trachy
1-metallic mushroom
1-green leather
2-yellow leather - indo version
1-special umbrella leather
3-colt coral
1-green galaxy coral
3-lg bubble coral
2-bicolor dome brain trachy
2-pagoda cup
1-cultured chalice
3-yellow cup
1-monti undata
1-red striped mushroom
1-blue mushroom
1-watermelon mushroom
1-rainbow mushroom - combo rock
1-green star polyp
2-green branch metallic alveopora
1-lg blastomussa wellsi
3-fox coral - say what!!
3-red dome brain trachy
1-green pagoda cup

Mixed Wholesale - Arrives Friday
These fish will be going into QT
1-coral beauty
1-flame angel
3-golden midas blenny
3-ruby red dragonet
4-pajama cardinal
2-aiptasia eating file
4-green mandarin - for sale immediately
3-helfrichi firefish -sold
1-gem tang - sold
3-orange spot watchman
1-red mandarin - for sale immediately
2-flame hawk - 1 sold
2-bicolor pseudo
1-m/l metallic foxface
2-med blue hippo
1-naso tang hawaii
3-med yellow tang
3-male mccoskers flasher
2-m/l melanurus wrasse
1-red pygmy possum wrasse
3-fire shrimp
3-tiger brittle star


Oct 8, 2012
Picked up one of the Fox Corals on Saturday. So cool to see them back in stock. Store looks great!


Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Picked up one of the Fox Corals on Saturday. So cool to see them back in stock. Store looks great!
Hi! Glad you got one. I was pretty pumped to be able to land those. That just might be it, as the only wild approved to ship was stuff left over from right before the ban.
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