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Arrivals 1/4 - 1/8

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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef has a great week of arrivals planned. Berghia, Ricordea florida, ultra Rock Flower, 2x Mixed Wholesale, Corals, Local Aquaculture, ORA Captive Bred Fish/Coral, Cleaner Crew+ are all booked to arrive. We also reloaded our $10 and $20 frag sections. Finally, we have shipments of LRS, Rods, and Algae Barn coming in.

Berghia - Arrived Tuesday
25 - berghia

ORA Captive Bred Fish/Coral - Arrived Tuesday
2-gold lightning maroon
2-premium snowflake
2-mocha storm
6-black snowflake
2-black storm
2-hail storm clown
6-black ice snowflake
6-gold nugget maroon
6-premium snowflake
1-elongate dottyback
2-orchid dottyback
3-whitepotted pygmy file
3-yellowline goby
3-sharknose goby
1-purple jade bonsai
1-green birdsnest
1-green tip pink birdsnest
1-blue hawkins echinata
1-laura's purple polyp
1-mind trick monti
1-monti setosa
1-stellar stylo
1-tricolor stylo
2-blue voodoo
1-green finger leather
1-blue bottlebrush
1-purple and green acro

Mixed Corals - Arrived Wednesday
Please see photo post on FB.

Mixed Wholesale - Arrived Wednesday
1-lemonpeel angel
1-potters angel
1-sunburst anthias
1-starry blenny
2-sm black and white heniochus
1-yellow longnose bfly
4-diamond sifter goby
6-red firefish
2-red cap goby
2-pink and blue spot goby
4-yellow clown goby
2-target mandarin
2-fuzzy dwarf lion
1-blue spot puffer
1-lg porcupine puffer
1-m/l blue hippo
1-m/l clown tang
2-kole tang
2-clown fairy wrasse
2-green bubble tip anemone
6-red/green aust blasto wellsi polyp
1-metallic green LT plate coral
1-aust rasta leather
6-halloween hermit
3-harlequin shrimp
50-bumble bee snail
50-mexican turbo snail
50-lg nassarius snail
12-tiger sand conch
2-black longspine urchin

Cleaner Crew+ - Arrived Wednesday
200-med blue leg hermit
30-scarlet hermit
2-red gorgonian
3-arrow crab
25-emerald crab
48-peppermint shrimp
1000-astraea snail
100-cerith snail

Mixed Wholesale #2 - Arrives Thursday
1-flagfin angel
1-coral beauty
2-flavo anthias
1-purple queen anthias
1-purple dottyback
5-tailspot blenny
3-algae blenny
2-copperband bfly
4-banggai cardinal
4-pj cardinal
2-ruby red dragonet
3-blue mandarin
3-yellow watchman
8-purple firefish
8-red firefish
1-lg marine betta
1-long nose hawk
1-geometric pygmy hawk
1-s/m black volitan
2-flame banded pipe
1-eibli mimic tang
3-tomini tang
3-s/m blue hippo
1-scopas tang
1-sailfin tang
1-male blue throat trigger
1-female blue throat trigger
1-filament fin flasher wrasse
1-possum wrasse yellow band
6-cleaner shrimp
4-pom pom crab
3-pink feather duster
3-pink coco worm
40-banded trochus snail
125-mexican turbo snail

Local Aquaculture - Arrives Over The Weekend
4-monti undata
2-gold hammer
2-sm space invader
2-avatar chalice
2-orange eye green chalice
4-green stylo
3-branch cyphastrea
4-blue matrix
4-milka stylo
3-cali tort
6-green slimer
3-lg lime in the sky
3-lime in the sky
1-purple formosa
6-green highlighter
6-razzle dazzle millepora
4-aust delicate
3-sour apple birdsnest
4-green birdsnest
4-bird of paradise birdsnest
1-cotton candy
3-forest fire digi
3-pink tip green table
5-nata's mystery stylo
3-kp stag
3-monti spongodes
5-lg lost soldier
3-german blue digi
4-idaho grape monti