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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef has a bunch of shipments arriving this week. We have Cleaner Crew+, Mixed Wholesale x 2, Local Aquaculture and Boutique Corals all booked. I'll post the lists as the shipments arrive. Please remember all fish will be put into our 2 week QT protocol. They are available to purchase with no guarantee, but we recommend waiting until they finish the process and come with an extended guarantee.

Cleaner Crew+ - Arrives Wednesday
200-med blue legs
60-scarlet hermits
3-golden sea rod
12-orange ricordea
6-bright green flower anemone
2-arrow crab
60-emerald crab
3-serpent star
50-peppermint shrimp - finally!
6-red brittle star
600-astraea snail
100-sm nassarius snail
6-sea cucumber
6-royal gramma
1-cherub angel

BRA Aquaculture - Fragged up some of our stuff earlier this week
2-frags indo dragon soul torch
2-frags indo gold branch hammer
2-frags of our screaming neon torch
1-frag orange branch octospawn
3-original indo gumdrop rhodactis mushroom

Boutique Coral - Arrived Thursday
1-aust red/mint chalice colony
3-asst acan lord colony
1-3 head black/purple torch
1-3 head green tip torch
1-double head bright green torch
1-3 head orange branch hammer
1-peach tip wall hammer
1-green open brain
3-asst alveopora frag
2-jack frost alveopora
2-red/green blasto wellsi frag
3-war favia frag
3-asst micro favia
3-long polyp green goniopora
3-purple long polyp goniopora
3-blue mushroom
1-red mushroom
3-oragan pipe frag
2-inferno orange acan echinata frag
2-gemstone chalice
1-raining fire favia - sold
2-peacock favia
2-golden globe galaxea
2-purple daffodil goni
2-red carnation goni frag
1-stunning micromussa frag
2-green bubble coral
2-babys breath favia
1-ring of fire favites - sold
1-angel eyes favia - sold
1-chilli pepper monti
1-superman porites
3-yellow polyp frags

Mixed Wholesale #1 - Arrived Thursday and went into 2 week QT
6-ruby red dragonet
1-copperband bfly
5-banggai cardinal
4-wild true percula clown
10-green chromis
6-bar goby
8-red firefish
3-orange banded shrimp goby
2-red mandarin
6-yasa hashe goby
2-target mandarin
6-yellow rose goby
2-pearly jaw
1-dwarf lion
6-dragon pipe
3-yellow watchman goby
2-bicolor pseudo
2-purple pseudo
1-sm dogface puffer
1-med metallic foxface
2-atlantic blue tangs
4-med blue hippo tang
1-lg blue hippo tang
3-med sailfin tang
1-sm vlamingi tang
1-lg niger trigger
1-brown bird wrase
1-green bird wrasse
1-clown fairy wrasse
1-dragon wrasse
6-mccoskers flasher wrasse
2-ornate leopard wrasse
1-red sea cleaner wrasse
1-green bubble anemone
1-tiny orange bits plate
6-sea hare
2-lg vietnam zoa rocks great color
6-m/l cleaner shrimp
5-lg nassarius snail

Mixed Wholesale #2 - Arrives Friday and will go into 2 week QT protocol
1-coral beauty
3-tiny blue hippo tang
2-sn naso tang
6-s/m yellow tang
2-flame angel
18-azure damsel
1-med powder blue tang
4-med kole tang
2-sm/md purple tang
1-lg male scotts fairy wrasse
1-sm copperband bfly
2-sm pakistan bfly
12-red firefish
2-spotted watchman goby
2-dragon goby
4-gold midas blenny
1-golden head sifter goby
1-med achilles tang
1-med chevron tang
2-med sailfin tang
1-sm scopas tang
2-african leopard wrasse
2-radiant wrasse
1-flasher wrasse male
2-exquisite wrasse
4-royal gramma
12-lyretail anthias female

Local Aquaculture - Arrived Thursday
7-asst zoanthids
1-mellow yellow bounce mushroom
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