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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef has Mixed Wholesale x 2, Berghia Nudis, and Feeder Shrimp lined up as this week's shipments. They will all be arriving Friday and should be ready to view by the early evening.

Farmed Berghia - Arrives Friday
25-captive bred berghia nudibranch ready to chow down on your aiptasia problem

Feeder Shrimp - Arrive Friday

Mixed Wholesale #1 - Arrives Friday
1-flame angel
4-bartletts anthias
2-sunburst anthias
4-chalk bass
2-starry blenny
1-zebra eel
1-aiptasia file
1-rainford goby
4-six spot sifter goby
3-yellow clown goy
1-volitan lion
2-dragon pipe
1-hifin snapper
3-sm blue hippo
1-sm desjardini tang
1-m/l flame fin tang
1-lg naso tang
2-m/l yellow tang
1-male blue throat trigger
1-clown fairy wrasse
2-ornate leopard wrasse
1-lg male pintail fairy wrasse
1-red margin fairy wrasse male
2-sixline wrasse
2-super rose bubble anemone small
1-gigantea carpet anemone
1-orange tongue/plate
2-tonga acropora millepora pink w yellow tips
5-anemone crab
6-yellow cucumber
2-lg cleaner shrimp
2-tiger pistol shrimp
3-sand sifting star

Mixed Wholesale #2 - Arrives Friday
1-forbidden fruit millepora frag
1-mardi gras millepora frag
1-shadow caster Efflo frag
1-sunset millepora frag
1-fascination favia frag
2-bubble gum digi frag
1-forest fire digi frag
2-grafted monti cap frag
1-leng sy monti cap frag
2-red cap frags
2-red/orange monti setosa frag
1-sunburst monti frag
1-blastomussa wellsi frag
2-purple/green branch hammer heads
3-dragon soul favia frag
3-goniopora frag pink
3-goniopora red frag
3-goniopora red w green centers frag
2-goniastrea maze brain frag
3-white organ pipe frag
1-acropora colony
3-pink alveopora colony
1-micro favia colony
1-orange fungia
2-elegance coral
1-bubble coral
1-green polyp lobophytum crown leather
1-m/l metallic foxface
1-med desjardini tang
1-kole tang
8-lg cleaner shrimp
2-fire shrimp
50-banded trochus
supplier cherry pick stuff
1-acan lord
1-war coral
1-rev prism
1-wall frogspawn
1-wall hammer
1-acan echinata
1-blastomussa merleti
1-acantho meat coral
1-ultra trachyphyllia

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