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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef has Captive Bred Clowns, Locally Aqua Cultured Arizona Sunrise BTA, Cleaner Crew+, Feeder Shrimp, and Mixed Wholesale scheduled to arrive this week.

Locally Aqua Cultured Arizona Sunrise BTAs- Arrived Mon/Wed

Cleaner Crew+ - Arrived Wednesday
200-med blue leg hermits
60-scarlet hermits
6-neon green flower anemone
4-zebra stripe flower anemone
60-emerald crab
24-peppermint shrimp
600-astraea snail
100-lg cerith snail
6-pearly jaw

Sea & Reef Captive Bred Fish - Arrived Wednesday
2-black storm
4-orange storm
4-gold lightning maroon
4-grade a davinci
6-premium snowflake
12-black ocellaris
4-gold stripe maroon
3-orchid dottyback
3-neon dottyback
2-black ocellaris misbar longfin
2-mocha storm
2-lightning maroon

Mixed Wholesale - Arrived Tuesday
1-coral beauty
2-royal gramma
1-flametail blenny
2-gold midas blenny
6-ruby red dragonet
2-starry blenny
2-pyramid butterfly
6-captive bred banggai cardinal
12-azure damsel
12-diamond sifter goby
3-green mandarin
3-yellow prawn goby
2-orange spot prawn goby
1-rainford goby
10-six spot sifter goby
2-taret mandarin
2-yellow rose goby
1-flame hawk
1-volitan lion
1-m/l blue hippo tang
1-m/l desjardini tang
3-asst size flame fin tang
1-med powder blue tang
2-sm scopas tang
1-med yellow tang
1-m/l clown fairy wrasse
1-lg aust harlequin tusk
3-mccosker flasher wrasse
2-red fin fairy wrasse
2-sixline wrasse
1-metallic fungia
1-sun coral
6-anemone crab
6-sea hare
4-lg cleaner shrimp
1-coral banded shrimp
4-fire shrimp
4-tiger pistol shrimp
4-candy stripe pistol shrimp
40-mexican turbo snail
50-lg nassarius snail
12-tiger sand conch
2-black long spine urchin

Feeder Shrimp - Supposed To Arrive Friday
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