Arrivals 10/5 - 10/9

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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef has one of our biggest coral shipments of the year arriving Thursday. Jakarta Coral will be in then. Preconditioned Mixed Wholesale and Cleaner Crew+ both arrived Wednesday. Local Aquaculture will also arrive Friday or possibly early next week.

We also received Brightwell products including Neo Marine salt, six boxes of Marco Rock, the new Nero 3 Pumps, and more in our dry goods shipments this week.

Preconditioned Mixed Wholesale - Arrived Wednesday
1-coral beauty
3-gold midas blenny
2-tailspot blenny
2-algae blenny
12-springeri damsel
3-purple firefish
1-dracula goby
3-black ray goby
8-diamond sifter
1-long nose hawk
2-divided leopard wrasse
2-sixline wrasse
4-cleaner shrimp
3-fire shrimp
5-sexy shrimp
6-halloween crab
6-anemone crab
12-ring cowrie
180-banded trochus snail!

Cleaner Crew+ - Arrived Wednesday
6-chalk bass
2-molly miller blenny
3-aiptasia file
6-ultra red flower anemone
15-scarlet hermit
1-arrow crab
30-emerald crab
2-horseshoe crab
15-peppermint shrimp
30-lg nassarius snail
100-astraea snail
44-black margarita
20-zebra turbo
1-red knobby star

Jakarta Coral - Arrives Thursday
3-torch special color
3-green wall hammer
3-branch frogtip green
9-asst green goniopora
3-bicolor dome trachy
1-special orange plate - see photo FB
1-vivid oxypora chalice - see photo FB
2-ultra trachy - see photo FB
1-purple rhodactis mushroom
2-alveopora metllic
5-branch hammer green
4-green frogspawn wall
1-green plate
1-purple plate
3-purple goniopora
1-red goniopora
1-green organ pipe
2-jasmine polyp
5-green metallic torch
7-asst color lobophyllia
2-pearl bubble coral
4-green pearl bubble
3-orange sun coral
2-green rhodactis mushroom
1-green clove
2-neon green clove
2-green branch alveopora
2-neon candy cane
3-green long tentacle plate
5-fox coral !!
6-green trachy
5-asst orange ricordea yuma
1-yellow ricordea yuma
2-asst sinularia
4-elegance coral
2-red cynarina
3-orange plate
3-bubble coral
3-green bubble coral
1-hollywood stunner chalice
2-metallic rhodactis mushroom
3-green star
2-cracker sinularia
3-carnation soft coral
1-neospongodes soft coral
1-silk soft coral
2-red trachy
2-pagoda cup
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