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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
We have an incredible amount of livestock arriving this week for our Anniversary Sale. ORA, Biota, Sea & Reef, Multiple Local Aquaculture, Caribbean Fish/Invx2, Indo Fish/Inv, Boutique Coralsx2, Mixed Wholesalex2 and possibly more.

Indo Fish/Inv - Arrives Monday
2-bicolor angel
1-raccoon bfly
3-naso tang
3-scopas tang
1-blue stripe snapper
2-m/l niger trigger
2-red tail file fish
2-verrucosus trigger
2-white tail trigger
3-valentini puffer
2-clown tang
6-sm fox face
3-magnificant fox face
4-banded pipefish
1-sixstripe soap fish
2-dwarf lion
4-m/l heniochus
4-med foxface
12-seargeant major damsel
12-four stripe damsel
1-flagfin angel
3-lg blue tang
6-carpenter's wrasse
6-mccoskers wrasse
3-blue sided wrasse
1-orange axial wrasse
2-solar fairy wrasse
1-orange back fairy wrasse
1-two spot maori wrasse
2-debelius fairy wrasse
1-blue spot grouper
1-red flag grouper
3-striatus tang
6-orante leopard wrasse
2-dragon wrasse
12-sixline wrasse
3-spot carpenter's wrasse - hmmm guess we'll see
1-m/l panther grouper
6-copperband bfly
50-azure damsel
1-jansen's wrasse
1-male green bird wrasse
12-blue knuckle hermit
12-choc chip star
12-sand star
100-banded trochus snail
77-green chromis
6-juv red coris
2-adult red coris
12-yellow coris wrasse
1-male rainbow wrasse
18-sexy shrimp
3-anemone shrimp
4-coral banded shrimp
1-pink warty cucumber
6-sea hare
12-yellow tail damsel
15-lyretail anthias
6-green mandarin
6-spotted mandarin
12-domino damsel
9-purple queen anthias
2-red tail dottyback
1-falco hawk
6-scooter blenny
18-diamond sifter goby
12-golden head goby
2-lunare wrasse
3-pink streak wrasse
12-tuxedo urchin
24-blue eye cardinal aka longspine
18-pajama cardinal
2-lined tamarin
1-female bird wrasse
20-cleaner wrasse

We'll post the other lists as they arrive.


Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Sea & Reef Captive Bred Fish - Arrive Tuesday
2-orange storm
24-nano ocellaris
12-reg ocellaris
6-black ocellaris
6-pink skunk clown
3-orcchid dottyback
3-neon dottyback
3-splendid dottyback
2-lightning maroon
2-goldflake maroon
2-tomato clown

Domestic Aquaculture - Arrives Tuesday
1-green/blue tenius
2-royal blue tenuis
2-BigR Candy Land Acro - WOW!
4-RR Orange Passion Acro
1-blue turaki
1-JF Fox Flame Aro
1-starburst monti cap
2-white pulse xenia

ORA Captive Bred Livestock - Arrives Tuesday
2-snow storm ocellaris
2-mocha storm ocellaris
6-longfin ocellaris
3-yellow line goby
6-sharknose goby
2-ornage zoa
3-pom pom xenia
3-vargas cespitularia
1-aust delicate
2-green birdsnest
1-german blue polyp monti digi
1-green planet
3-hawkins echinata
1-laura's purple polyp
3-red planet
1-miami orchid
1-mind trick monti
1-peach digi
1-pink stylo
1-skinny miami acro - NEW
1-skyline granulosa
4-tigertail eahorse
6-sm derasa clam
6-med/l derasa clam
1-long polyp toadstool
1-blue bottlebrush
1-purple gem
4-erectus seahorse


Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Arrived Tuesday - Boutique Coral
2-elegance coral
1-prism favia
1-triple bubble coral
1-sm bubble coral
1-ultra alveopora
6-ultra acropora colony
1-deepwater acropora colony
1-red blastomussa
2-metallic lobophyllia
6-ultra red goniopora frags
1-double head aust scoly
1-ultra aust single mushroom
1-red/black trachy
2-colt coral
1-a grade acan
1-ultra acan
3-tiny elegance
1-metallic green wall hammer
2-heads miami hurricane torch
1-green goniopora
2-pink sun coral
2-tiny red trachy
1-aust green clove polyp
5-cocos island maxima clam 2-2.5"

Arrives Wednesday - Florida/Caribbean Cleaner Crew+
1-med queen angel
1-lg queen angel
1-sm blue tang caribbean
1-sm lion
1-med lion
200-blue leg hermit
60-scarlet hermit
60-emerald crab
6-sally light foot crab
1-purple ribbon gorg
1-yellow/red gorg
1-purple frilly gorg
10-peppermint shrimp
100-cerith snail
100-sm nassarius snail
400-astraea snail
14-mexican turbo snail
16-zebra turbo
2-red st thomas mushroom
20-nerite snail
10-ninja star snail
6-multi color ricordea
1-umbrella mushroom

Mixed Wholesale - Arrived Wednesday
No invoice provided for me to list. A bunch of fish, cleaner shrimp, a few corals all arrived with this one.

Biota Captive Bred Livestock - Arrived Wednesday
6-blue mandarin
6-yellow tang
2-upside down nano goby
1-captive bred hifin snapper
1-blue mushroom polyp
2-alien hand sinularia

Local Aquaculture x2 - Arrived Wednesday
1-rainbow gold branch hammer - super special piece and very limited release
1-baby's breath favia
2-green sinularia
2-single green rhodactis
1-neon turbinaria
3-asst rainbow rose bubble
3-rose bubble
6-single polyp speckled krakatoa paly -beautiful (see pic on our fb posts)
1-pink diamond 2 polyp frag
3-baby sea rod
6-"blue" candy cane
30-asst zanthids
2-utter chaos
3-red monti cap
2-green star polyp
1-green cabbage leather
2-JF red cloves
1-JF jack o lantern lepto
1-green pavona
2-neon green favia
2-orange leptastrea
2-orange psammacora
3-colonies branch frogspawn green w purple tips
3-kryptonite candy cane
1-cactus pavona
1-superman blastomussa
4-single stalk xenia
2-green polyp leather
2-asst red mushroom
1-blue eye lepto
2-sunset monti
1-xl purple stylo
3-war favia
2-seasons greeting monti
1-perfect cup yellow turbinaria
1-JF slow burn monti palawensis
2-mummy eye chalice
1-golden mummy eye chalice
1-freak hair pavona
2-bubble gum digi
3-neon green hydnophora
2-m/l neon green hydo
2-pink branch cyphastrea
1-m/l cali tort
1-miami hurricane chalice
2-meteor shower cyphastrea
1-red/green indo blasto wellsi
20-heads green branch hammer - fragged into asst number of heads
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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
We will be closed Friday 11/15 to restock the shop with these three shipments.

Cleaner Crew+ - Arrives Friday
30-scarlet hermit
1-purple sea plume
1-gold sea rod
6-orange ric
2-red rock flower
6-neon green rock flower
60-emerald crab
6-flame scallop
1000-astraea snail
4-pearly jaw
1-atlantic blue tang

Mixed Wholesale #1 -Arrives Friday
1-wall frogspawn
1-platy maze brain
1-umbrella leather
1-cyphastrea mini colony - see fb pic this one is a stunner!
2-bubble gum monster chalice frag
1-devils eye monti
2-forest fire digi
4-rainbow monti
2-orange/red setosa
3-acropora colony
1-wall hammer
2-asst goniopora
1-neon stripes green trachy
10-diamond sifter goby
1-adult emperor
2-dot dash blenny
1-flame fin tang
2-lubbocks fairy wrasse
6-fire shrimp
6-cleaner shrimp
10-acan frags
20-acropora frags
5-golden girl cyphastrea

Mixed Wholesale #2 - Arrives Friday
3-flameback angel
1-wantanabe angel female
1-xl annularis angel
3-coral beauty
2-lemon peel angel
12-bartletts anthias
2-black cap basslet
5-midas blenny
2-raccoon bfly
36-saphire damsel
3-yellowtail jewel damsel
1-banded cat shark
1-red emperor snapper
1-clown tang
1-eibli mimic tang
1-white cheek tang
1-xanthopterus tang
3-kole tang
2-med blonde naso
3-med naso hawaii
1-lg yellow belly blue hippo
1-GEM TANG!! medium
2-sm sailfin tang
1-mata tang
4-two spot tang
2-katoi fairy wrasse
2-sm magma fairy wrasse
1-multicolor fairy wrasse
1-orange back fairy wrasse
2-peacock flasher wrasse
1-xl yellow flanked fairy wrasse
2-radiant wrasse
3-black leopard wrasse
1-exquisite fairy wrasse
1-fine-spotted wrasse
1-twinspot wrasse
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