Arrivals 11/16 - 11/20

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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef has three shipments arriving this week. ORA Captive Bred Animals, and 2xPreconditioned Mixed Wholesale. We also have two new batches of Clowns coming out of QT on Saturday morning.

Preconditioned Mixed Wholesale #1 - Arrived Tuesday
1-coral beauty
1-female lamarck angel
2-diadema dottyback
2-purple dottyback
1-bicolor blenny
2-tailspot blenny
2-algae blenny
1-lg long horn cow
5-schooling heniochus
6-pj cardinal
4-ruby red dragonet
4-blue mandarin
6-yellow watchman goby
3-black ray goby
2-bella sifter
3-diamond sifter
1-lg black volitan
2-flame banded pipe
1-lg orange shoulder tang
2-tomini tang
1-blonde naso tang
1-naso tang
1-yellow belly hippo tang
3-med sailfin tang
1-male blue throat trigger
1-xl mae pintail fairy wrasse
2-male social fairy wrasse
5-sixline fairy wrasse
1-whitebanded possum wrasse
5-lg cleaner shrimp
2-fire shrimp
4-tiger pistol shrimp
3-randalls pistol shrimp
2-coral banded shrimp
50-margarita snail

Preconditioned Mixed Wholesale #2 - Arrived Tuesday
1-male carpenter's flasher wrasse
1-yellow coris wrasse
1-med niger trigger
6-med yellow tang
1-clown tang
4-pearly jaw
1-royal gramma
10-kupang damsel "azure"
1-wartskin angler
3-harlequin shrimp
1-blue carpet - sold
1-ultra eclectus mushroom
1-elegance coral
2-lg acan lord
1-lg micromussa
1-rhodactis mushroom
1-multcolor red acan bowerbanki
1-dragon soul favia

ORA Captive Bred Animals - Arrived Wednesday
QT until Friday for logistics reasons. Not because they need it.
1-elongate dottyback
1-red goniopora
1-vargas cespitularia
1-green birdsnest
1-green tip pink birdsnest
1-pink birdsnest
1-stellar stylo
1-blue voodoo
6-captive bred small tuxedo urchin
3-derasa clam 2.5"
1-gren goniopora
1-ant insignis
1-blue bottlebrush
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