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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef has a great lineup scheduled for this week. Local Aquaculture, Mixed Wholesale, Indo Fish/Inv, Cleaner Crew+, and Captive Bred/Raised are all booked. We've also taken a ton of trade-ins this week, with more coming.

Cleaner Crew+ - Arrives Later Wednesday
6-royal gramma
4-chalk bass
1-pork fish
6-purple condy
8-asst color flower anemone
6-pink tip condy
100-blue leg hermit
40-scarlet hermit
1-arrow crab
10-emerald crab
1-yellow gorg
3-green ric
3-multicolor ric
2-orange ric
30-peppermint shrimp
100-sm nassarius snail
12-zebra turbo
6-feather duster
4-fighting conch
6-lettuce nudi

Local Aquaculture - Arrived last Sunday
Huge number of coral frags, heavy on the SPS. Sorry I don't have the list.

Mixed Wholesale - Arrived Monday
1-coral beauty
3-starry blenny
3-tailspot blenny
4-banggai cardinal
12-springeri damsel
1-aiptasia file
4-diamond sifter goby
3-blue/green mandarin
2-banded prawn goby
3-purple firefish
2-two spot goby
2-pink/blue spot prawn goby
3-yasa hashe goby
2-target mandarin
2-yellow rose goby
1-blue spot puffer
1-porcupine puffer
1-valentini puffer
2-m/l blue hippo
1-clown tang
1-small desjardini tang
2-flame fin tang
2-naso tang
2-tiny purple tang!
1-sm sohal tang
3-yellow eye tang
2-yellow tang
1-niger trigger
2-clown fairy wrasse
1-green bird wrasse
1-melanurus wrasse
1-orange back fairy wrasse
1-red coris wrasse
1-twelve line wrasse
5-green bubble anemone
2-green trachy aust
2-sea hare
6-cleaner shrimp
3-harlequin shrimp
1-lg peacock mantis
3-candy stripe pistol
3-tiger pistol
100-mexican turbo
50-lg nassarius
12-tiger conch
1-spider sponge
2-orange linkia
3-sand star
2-longspine urchin

Captive Bred/Raised Fish - Arrives Wed
2-hawaiian naso 3"
6-large yellow tang
1-sailfin tang
1-smiths blenny
1-sm juv emperor angel
6-stocky anthias
1-clown tang
2-kole tang
18-nano ocellaris
10-black ocellaris
4-chocolate mocha ocellaris
6-black snowflake ocellaris
2-white lightning maroon
1-kamohara blenny
2-midnight black lightning
2-black storm
4-mocha storm

Indo Fish/Inv - Arrives Wed
These fish will go into our Conditioning Protocol
3-coral beauty
1-flag fin angel
1-singapore angel
1-stripe koran
12-male lyretail anthias
2-punctato bfly
6-female lyretail anthias
3-copperband bfly
1-bursa trigger
3-niger trigger
2-carpenter's flasher wrasse
6-melanurus wrasse
2-stripe puffer
6-scopas tang
3-sailfin tang
3-striatus tang
6-blue eye tang
2-half black tang
2-yellow flanked fairy
2-pintail fairy
1-sailfin fairy
2-male blue throat trigger
1-banded maori wrasse
1-ruby fin fairy
2-scribbled rabbit
2-fox face rabbit
1-orange shoulder tang
1-square anthias
4-vlamingi tang
1-dog face puffer
16-stripe damsel
12-domino damsel
6-yellow tail damsel
6-red firefish
1-blue sided fairy
1-lunare wrasse
4-cleaner wrasse
1-halfmooon trigger
1-undulated trigger
1-burr puffer
2-pyramid bfly
4-leopard wrasse
12-green bubble tip
9-asst color long tentacle anemone
1-purple star
2-blue carpet anemone
1-purple carpet anemone
2-pizza anemone
1-west african red stripe basslet
1-flagfin angel
3-algae blenny
1-oriental sweetlips
2-niger trigger
2-valentini puffer
2-square anthias
4-asst lyretail anthias
2-copperband bfly
1-vtail grouper
1-scopas tang
2-coral beauty
1-bursa trigger
1-red margin fairy
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