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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef received four smaller shipments this week, in preparation for our Black Friday specials that will run from Friday -Sunday (10-7 each day). Caribbean Cleaner Crew+, Sustainable Aquatics tank raised fish, Mixed Wholesale, and Indo Fish all arrived. We were disappointed to hear that both of our large anemone shipments were cancelled. We will try again next week. We were also zero'd on Peppermint Shrimp. Sorry!

Cleaner Crew+ - Arrived Wednesday
2-cherub angel
1-sm volitan lion
4-condy anemone
6-green flower anemone
20-ultra flower anemone
100-blue leg hermit lg
30-scaret hermit
40-emerald crab
3-sally light foot crab
4-pink ric
4-orange ric
50-nassarius snail
300-astraea snail
50-mexican turbo snail
40-zebra turbo snail

Sustainable Aquatics Captive Raised Fish - Arrived Wed
All fish either captive bred or raised in captivity so they are disease free, eating frozen, and acclimated to tank life. These fish will have their own designated system.
6-saltwater silver sailfin molly
4-stripe fang blenny
2-flame angel
1-lemon peel angel
1-powder blue tang
2-raccoon bfly
1-scopas tang
2-algae blenny
1-volitan lion
1-sm dog face puffer
10-lyretail anthias
2-roundtail longfin ocellaris clown
1-juv emperor angel 3"
8-diamond sifter goby
1-dussumieri tang 3"
2-med yellow tang
1-sm humu trigger
2-pennant fairy wrasse
2-perfect black ocellaris

Mixed Wholesale - Arrived Wed
125 mexican turbo snail
12-lg cleaner shrimp
4-red head goby - great nano fish
1-flame hawk
6-yellow tang
2-flame angel
12-bartletts anthias
1-ultra neon cabbage - this guy is glowing!
1-green toadstool
1-green sinularia
2-lg tahitian maxima clam

Indo Fish - Arrived Wednesday
Half of our order was a no show. Sorry!
24-lyretail anthias mix of males and females
3-female blue throat trigger
1-sm snowflake eel
2-sm vlamingi tang
1-lunare wrasse
6-melanurus wrasse
3-blue sided fairy
1-stellata puffer lg
3-striatus tang
12-yellow watchman goby
3-sally light foot crab
12-sand star
8-algae blenny

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