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Arrivals 11/30 - 12/4

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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Please remember we are closed for pre-booked, private appointments Friday 12/4. Our Anniversary Sale, with modified specials resumes, with no appointment needed, 12/5-12/6.

We received the following shipments this week. Captive Bred/Raised Fish, 2-Mixed Wholesale, Cleaner Crew+, Rock Flowers/Rics, Local Aquaculture. Unfortunately, Berghia and Indo Coral are both scheduled to arrive Friday. The Indo Coral will not be in until late in the evening. We had hoped to have them Thursday, but the shipment was delayed. Sorry early appointment holders! We are still loaded though. On top of these lists, we've had other Local Aquaculture dropped off this week.

Indo Coral - Arrives Friday Evening - If they match the photos the supplier sent before shipping these corals will be gorgeous.
1-acropora polystoma
3-acropora secale
4-acropora tenuis
3-hammer coral - golds/bicolors
1-montipora undata
2-mycedium robokaki
1-rainbow pectinia
1-bicolor pocillopora
1-long tentacle plate
1-cup coral
1-multicolor symphyllia

Captive Raised/Bred Fish - Arrived Thur
12-nano ocellaris
6-black ocellaris
2-frostbite sub zero
6-mocha storm
2-kole tang
1-naso tang
4-lg yellow tang

Preconditioned Mixed Wholesale - Arrived Wedneday
1-resplendaent anthias
2-diadema dotty
3-purple dotty
4-tailspot blenny
5-algae blenny
1-purple scolopsis2-black and white heniochus
12-pj cardinal
2-scooter blenny
6-blue mandarin
1-yellow fin moray eel
5-wheeler shrimp goby
12-purple firefish
3-banded circus goby
2-black ray shrimp goby
2-long nose hawk
3-fuzzy dwarf lion
2-volitan lion
1-valentini puffer
1-ET porcupine puffer
2-blotched yellow foxface
2-flame banded pipe
4-tomini tang
3-sailfin tang
2-matted file
1-lg clown trigger
1-tassle file
2-clown fairy wrasse
1-white banded possum wrasse
12-sexy shrimp
3-harlequin shrimp
4-pom pom crab
12-halloween hermit
10-anemone crab
12-ring cowrie
50-margarita snail
50-mexican turbo snail

Arrived Wed
30 ultra rock flower
10-orange ric florida

40-berghia - Arrive Friday

Mixed Wholesale - Arrived Thursday
2-flame angel
1-lamarck angel
1-long horn cow
2-target mandarin
1-lg porcupine puffer
1-med achilles tang
2-med blue hippo
2-kole tang
2-niger trigger
1-clown fairy
3-melanurus wrasse
1-red sea cleaner wrasse
2-3" crocea clam
2-rhodactis mushroom orange multicolor
3-sea hare
6-cleaner shrimp
3-coral banded shrimp
4-fire hrimp
6-tiger pistol shrimp
50-bumble bee snail
50-lg nassarius snail
12-tiger sand conch

Cleaner Crew+ - Arrived Thursday
I didn't get an invoice to post

Local Aquaculture - Arrived Tuesday
Tons of SPS, Chalices, some Zoas, an OG Bounce, and so much more. Sorry, I don't have access to the invoice from where I'm at.