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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef has the following arriving this week. Indo Fish/Inv, Local Aquaculture, Sustainable Aquatics, Caribbean Cleaner Crew+, Mixed Wholesale, and Ultra Rock Flower Anemones.

Ultra Rock Flowers - Arrived Wednesday
40-ultra rock flowers - the best colors we've had in months!

Local Aquaculture - Arrived Tuesday
20-asst zoanthid rocks
2-neon green birdsnest
2-red monti cap
1-jf jack o lantern lepto
2-speckled krakatoa
1-flame rhodactis mushroom
1-rainbow rhodactis mushroom
1-lg red mushroom
1-green monti
1-jf freak hair pavona
1-neon green star polyp
1-rainbow monti
3-kryptonite candycane
2-branch hammer double head
2-purple haze monti
1-darwin favia
1-bleeding apple bowerbanki
2-duncans frags

Indo Fish/Inv - Arrived Wed (These fish have gone into QT and will be out in two weeks)
1-bamboo shark
1-banded shark
3-scopas tang
1-punctato bfly
9-diamond sifter goby
6-engineer goby
10-red firefish
18-pj cardinal
2-peppermint LT anemone
12-asst sebae anemone
6-bubble tip anemone
2-green carpet
3-coral banded shrimp
2-temminikii fairy wrasse
1-naso tang
2-algae blenny
1-convict tang
7-six spot sifter goby

Caribbean Cleaner Crew+ - Arrives Thursday
1-sm/md volitan lion - going into QT and will be available in 2 weeks
6-green flower anemone
200-lg blue leg hermit
30-scarlet hermit
60-emerald crab
1-green lace gorg
1-purple ribbon
1-golden sea rod
1-purple frilly gorg
1-purple whip gorg
peppermint shrimp for rain checks
50-cerith snails
50-sm nassarius snails
300-astraea snail
6-fighting conch
2-condy anemone

Mixed Wholesale - Arrives Thursday
2-asst goniopora
3-acropora colony
1-wall hammer orange
1-bubble coral
1-acanthophyllia meat coral
2-wall frogspawn
1-acan lord
14-duncans polyps
2-dragon soul favites
2-umbrella leather
1-lobophytum leather
5-lg cleaner shrimp

Sustainable Aquatics Captive Raised and Bred Fish - Arrives Thursday (These have been pre-QT'd and will be put in our captive raised system for sale right away)
4-CB fang blenny
1-CB kamhara blenny
12-asst saltwater molly
2-mocha storm - going into QT
1-CR passr angel sm juv
6-CR stocky anthias
2-CR algae blenny
1-CR sm volitan lion
2-CR powder blue tang
1-CR 4"-5" blonde naso
1-CR naso tang
2-CR 3"-4" african yellow belly blue hippo tang
1-CR scopas tang
1-CR picasso trigger sm
2-CR exquisite fairy wrasse
2-CR african cleaner wrasse
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