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Arrivals 12/14 - 12/18

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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef had one Mixed Wholesale shipment arrive this week. We were also restocked on frozen foods, salt, Algae Barn pods/phyto, and Reef Nutrition.

We have a handful of Innovative Marine AIO tanks along with the stunning Red Sea Reefer Nano (photo) in the shop ready to be taken home in time for the holidays.

Mixed Wholesale - Arrived Thursday
1-coral beauty
1-flame angel
1-flameback angel
6-flavo anthias
8-lyretail anthias
3-purple queen anthias
2-alage blenny
3-golden midas blenny
2-tailspot blenny
3-bar goby
3-wheeler goby
4-diamond sifter goby
2-orange spot watchman goby
1-m/l miniatus grouper
1-blue spot puffer
1-clown tang
1-lemonpeel mimic tang
1-powder brown tang
1-m/l sailfin tang
1-scopas tang
1-blue throat trigger male
2-sm moorish idol
3-single polyp blastomussa wellsi aust
2-sally light foot crab
3-cleaner shrimp
2-fire shrimp
2-black long spine urchin
6-feather duster