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Arrivals 12/21 - 12/24

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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef has two Mixed Wholesale orders coming this week. We may also have one Local Aquacultured Coral shipment.

Mixed Wholesale #1 - Arrived Monday
6-lyretail anthias
2-algae blenny
3-gold midas blenny
1-ruby red dragonet
3-tailspot blenny
3-copperband bfly
1-raccoon bfly
6-banggai cardinal
12-springers damsel
2-aiptasia file
2-bella sifter goby
6-diamond sifter goby
2-dragon goby
6-red fire fish
2-orange spot watchman
1-randalls watchman
2-pink blue spot watchman
2-flame hawk
1-diadema pseudo
1-spotted sweetlips
3-med flame fin tang tomini
1-powder brown tang
2-med purple tang
1-med sohal tang
1-green coris
1-purple scale fairy wrasse
1-red sea cleaner wrasse
3-green bubble tip
2-orange chalice frags 2 different morphs
5-anemone crab
4-halloween hermit
2-pom pom crab
4-cleaner shrimp
2-harlequin shrimp
50-lg nassarius snail
12-tiger conch
50-trochus snail
2-sand star
2-coco worm red

Mixed Wholesale #2 - Arrives Tuesday Afternoon
1-flagfin angel
1-lamarck angel female
1-wild splendid dottyback
1-purple dotty
1-m/l copperband bfly
2-bali red cardinall
4-banggai cardinal
6-pj cardinal
7-springeri damsel
2-red mandarin
3-yellow watchman
2-banded circus goby
1-marine betta lg
1-flame banded pipe
1-med clown trigger
1-lg male naoko's fairy wrasse
2-black leopard
1-supermale carpenter's flasher
6-sixline wrasse
2-anemone crab
30-banded trochus