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Arrivals 12/28 - 1/1

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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef has had Captive Bred/Raised Fish, Mixed Coral, 2xMixed Wholesale, and Locally Aquacultured Coral arrive this week. By Thursday afternoon we will also have been restocked with fresh Reef Nutrition foods and Algae Barn Pods/Phyto. Please remember we are open 10-4 NYE and NYD. Otherwise, 10-7.

Captive Bred/Raised Fish - Arrived Tuesday
4-snow onyx clowns
4-frostbite chilled
16-orange ocellaris
8-black ocellaris
2-domino black
1-kamohara blenny
2-black davinci
2-wyoming white
2-frostbite frozen
6-stocky anthias
6-lyretail anthias
6-diamond sifter goby
1-volitan lion eating frozen
1-striped puffer
1-porcupine puffer
1-sailfin tang
2-yellow coris wrasse
6-cleaner wrasse
1-queen coris juv
2-checkerboard wrasse
2-spiny burr puffer

Mixed Corals - Arrived Tuesday
See picture post on FB.

Local Aquaculture - Arrived Wednesday
2-blue hornet zoa
2-king midas zoa
2-afterburner zoa
2-vamps zoa
2-fireworks clove
1-miami hurricane chalice
3-single stalk xenia
3-tyree green leather
2-super red mushroom
1-wwc pink bobbies chalice
1-mummy eye chalice

Mixed Wholesale #1 - Arrived Wednesday
1-coral beauty
1-flavo anthias
1-purple pseudo
2-diadema pseudo
3-tailspot blenny
3-algae blenny
2-m/l copperband bfly
6-banggai cardinal
6-pj cardinal
5-wheeler watchman goby
2-yellow watchman goby
1-yellow mimic tang
1-m/l blue throat trigger
1-social fairy wrasse
4-sixline wrasse
50-red banded trochus
50-mexican turbo snail

Mixed Wholesale #2 - Arrived Wednesday
2-flame angel
2-royal gramma
1-gold dwarf moray
2-bella sifter goby
2-rainford goby
3-yellow clown goby
2-flame hawk
1-blue spot puffer
1-med blue tang
1-sm desjardini
1-m/l desjardini
1-powder brown tang
1-scopas tang
1-humu trigger
1-niger trigger
1-christmas wrasse
1-clown fairy wrasse
2-fire shrimp
2-sand sifting star
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