Arrivals 12/3 - 12/6

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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef has a big restock week ahead of us. Mixed Wholesale, Berghia, Sea & Reef Clowns, Biota Captive Bred Fish/Coral, and Indo Fish/Inv are all scheduled. We also received our Algae Barn order of Pioneer Pods and Live Phyto.

Berghia - Arrived Tuesday
50-captive bred berghia

Mixed Wholesale - Arrived Tuesday
1-coral beauty
1-med majestic angel
4-chalk bass
3-royal gramma
2-flametail blenny
3-algae blenny
4-tailspot blenny
1-m/l long horn cow
1-sm yellow cubicus
1-sm copperband bfly
12-pajama cardinal
3-saphire damsel
2-bella goby
6-red firefish
6-green mandarin
2-orange spot watchman goby
4-geometric pygmy hawk
1-spotted hawk
2-blue spot jawfish
5-pearly jaw
1-dwarf lion
1-fuzzy dwarf lion
1-lg volitan
1-xl volitan
2-red banded pipe aka flame banded
2-bicolor pseudo
1-blue spot puffer
1-valentini puffer
2-m/l foxface
2-med blue hippo tang
1-sm flame fin tang
2-sm sailfin tang
2-med scopas tang
1-sm sohal tang
1-m/l sohal tang
1-blue jaw trigger male
1-exquisite wrasse male
1-green coris
1-lineatus wrasse male m/l
2-six line wrasse
3-ultra color mini maxi anemone
1-orange aust wall hammer
2-bubble coral
6-sea hare
1-fire shrimp
6-candy stripe pistol shrimp
12-sexy shrimp
2-zanzibar coral banded shrimp
50-xl nassarius snail
12-tiger sand conch
50-banded trochus snail


Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef Arrivals - Day 2

Sea & Reef Captive Bred Fish - Arrived Thursday
2-black storms - sold
4-orange storms
6-lightning maroon clowns - 2 sold
4-premium black ice - 2 sold
6-premium snowflake
4-naked clown
18-reg ocellaris
3-orchid dottyback
3-neon dottyback
2-mocha storm
2-gold lightning maroon
2-black photon
2-maine blizzard

Biota Captive Bred Fish/Coral - Arrived Thursday
2-coral beauty angel
2-forktail blenny
6-sm blue mandarin -eat tiny pellets
3-aiptasia file
6-rainford goby
2-white spot dwarf goby
2-erectus seahorse
3-yellow tang
1-med golden lined rabbit - sold
2-green alien hand sinularia

Unfortunately, our Indo shipment was delayed due to weather.
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