Arrivals 2/17 - 2/21

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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef lined up another fantastic week of livestock arrivals. We brought in Mixed Wholesale, Captive Bred & Raised Fish, Boutique Corals, and Local Aquaculture Frags from two hobbyists are coming in Saturday. Blue iQuatics dropped off two more boxes of their stunning rock. Lastly, we have one new bay of fish coming out of QT Friday.

On the hard goods front, we are loaded with pods. LRS Frenzy Foods and PE Mysis are arriving Friday. Red Sea ReefLed 50s showed up Wednesday. Hanna Checkers and six boxes of Marco Rock are due any day. We received Neptune Trident 2-Month Reagents, WAV Pumps, and a few of the probes folks have been asking for. We also have a couple G4 Radion LED products available at Ecotech's approved closeout prices. We are stocked up and ready to see you this weekend!

Captive Bred/Raised Fish - Arrived Thursday
The Clowns will go into QT but the rest of the fish are available immediately.
50-ocellaris clown
20-black ocellaris clown
4-black snowflake clown
2-midnight black lighting ocellaris clown
4-fancy snowflake extreme clown
2-fancy snowflake bullethole clown - stunners
2-fancy white extreme clown
2-frozen frostbite clown
2-snowflake clown

These fish are raised in captivity, are pre-conditioned and do not need to go though our QT process.
12-asst saltwater molly
1-striped puffer 3-4"
1-picasso trigger
1-yellow coris wrasse
1-melanurus wrasse
3-m/l yellow tang
1-blue hippo tang 3"
2-cleaner wrasse

Boutique Corals - Arrived Thursday
1-indo blastomussa black and green with some crimson - super unique
1-aust pectinia
2-aust acro millepora colonies
3-asst aust acro colonies
1-neon green elegance
1-orange plate
1-bright orange branch hammer
1-green frogspawn wall
1-neon yellowish green goniopora
1-beautiful purple goniopora

Mixed Wholesale - Arrived Wednesday
Most of the fish have been put into our 10-14 day conditioning protocol. Some dragonets, pipes, and all the inverts are for sale now.
2-bicolor angel
3-flame angel
3-coral beauty
1-yellow angel
1-midnight angel nox
6-chalk bass
6-royal gramma
2-ruby red dragonet
2-copperband bfly
1-raccoon bfly
6-azure damsel
10-springeri damsel
3-green mandarin
3-orange spot watchman goby
4-target mandarin
2-flame hawk
1-fuzzy dwarf lion
2-dragon pipe
3-bicolor pseudo
2-purple pseudo
1-blue spot puffer
2-m/l foxface rabbit
2-m/l blue hippo tang
3-med clown tang
2-convict tang
1-med naso tang
1-m/l powder blue tang
1-sm vlamingi tang
3-kole tang
1-m/l hummu trigger
1-sm niger trigger
1-lg niger trigger
1-clown fairy wrasse
1-lg lime green wrasse
1-mccoskers flasher wrasse
2-melanurus wrasse
4-sixline wrasse
4-green bubble anemone
1-glowing green goniastrea brain - see photo
1-maze brain
1-metallic green plate
1-tonga yellow leather
1-zoa colony orange
12-m/l cleaner shrimp
1-zanzibar cleaner shrimp
6-tiger sand conch
1-blue linkia
3-sand star
2-black long spine urchin

Local Aquaculture lists will be posted as they arrive.
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