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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
Barrier Reef had a bunch of new livestock arrive this week. We are also pulling a bunch of fish out of QT Friday morning. The store is absolutely loaded with healthy, pre-conditioned fish.

Local Aquaculture- Arrived Wednesday
7-asst rainbow bubble tip anemones

Captive Bred Berghia - Arrive Friday
41-berghia nudibranch aiptasia eaters!

Tahitian Maximas - Arrived Thursday
10-3" beautiful colored maxima clams
7-5"+ beautiful maxima clams

Mixed Wholesale - Arrived Wednesday
These fish come from a supplier that pre-conditions their stock before shipping. They are available right away.
2-m/l sailfin tang
1-sm desjardini sailfin tang
1-med desjardini tang
1-lg desjardini tang
3-powder brown tang
2-med blue hippo tang
5-retro chromis
20-m/l green chromis
24-lg springeri damsel aka saphire
7-diamond sifter goby
8-purple firefish
12-red firefish
5-yellow watchman goby
1-twinspot sifter goby
6-yellow rose watchman goby aka hifin banded
8-algae blenny
3-ruby red scooter blenny
3-blue mandarin goby
3-spotted mandarin goby
6-bimaculatus anthias female
6-female sunset anthias
2-male sunset anthias
2-geometric pygmy hawk
8-banggai cardinal
1-divided leopard wrasse
5-sixline wrasse
4-red linkia
4-coral banded shrimp
3-fire shrimp
3-randalls candy cane pistol shrimp
50-mexican turbo snail
87-lg tonga nassarius snail
100-banded trochus
2-golden midas blenny
1-coral banded shrimp
2-zoster pyramid butterfly - reef safe
7-azure damsel
2-multi banded pipe
1-lg vlamingi tang
1-m/l clown trigger 3-3.5"
5-lg cleaner shrimp
1-keyhole angel
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