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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
It seems inappropriate to be posting this during these trying times, but Barrier Reef has another great week of arrivals planned. As long as businesses like ours are allowed to stay open, we could really use your support. Pre-arranged curbside delivery is always an option for those of you who do not want to come into the shop. If the state shuts non-essential businesses down, we will make doorstep deliveries if allowable. We are looking for safe ways to continue to serve your needs, while avoiding having to put our employees on "stand-by." We have three Local Aquaculture deliveries scheduled, two mixed wholesale shipments, and one captive bred/raised fish/clown order all booked. Assuming we are able, we plan to announce some specials for Friday-Sunday, but we want to wait out today's utility work as well as the COVID-19 news cycle tonight.

Local Aquaculture #1 - Arriving Thursday
50-assorted zoanthid frags
13-asst LPS frags

Local Aquaculture #2 & #3

Mixed Wholesale #1 - Arrives Wednesday
These fish are pre-conditioned and will be available immediately.
2-sm tomini tang
3-med tomini tang
2-bella goby
10-l/xl diamond sifter goby
4-purple firefish
8-red firefish
3-yellow watchman
4-algae blenny
5-gold midas blenny
3-blue mandarin
4-female bimac anthias
15-lyretail anthias
2-longnose hawk
2-flame banded pipe
2-rosy scale fairy wrasse
6-candy stripe pistol shrimp
100-xl nassarius snail
100-trochus snail banded
6-strombus conch
1-regal angel yellow belly lg
1-pyramid butterfly
6-bar goby
1-lg chocolate tang
1-m/l blonde naso w streamers
1-s/m naso tang
2-s/m blue hippo tang
1-med desjardini tang
1-sailfin tang
2-matted file
6-divided leopard wrasse
2-s/m harlequin shrimp
2-xl harlequin shrimp

Mixed Wholesale #2
Most of these fish will be going into QT.
3-yasa hashe goby
3-azure damsel
3-yellow clown goby
1-female bellus angel- reef safe
2-flame angel
4-lg royal gramma
2-copperband bfly
1-raccoon bfly
12-springeri damsel
2-bella goby
1-m/l miniatus grouper
1-falco hawk
1-flame hawk
4-pearly jaw
1-dwarf lion
1-fuzzy dwarf lion
1-volitan lion
1-stars stripes puffer
2-valentini puffer
2-lg fox face rabbit
1-lg vlamingi tang
1-kole tang
5-m/l yellow tang
1-exquisite fairy wrasse
1-lg male lineatus fairy wrasse - going into isolation QT - if you'd like to see or reserve this fish please ask
3-mangrove plants
4-lg cleaner shrimp
1-michael's pistol shrimp!
6-tiger pistol
100-mexican turbo snail
6-tiger sand conch
6-sand star

Captive Bred/Raised Fish - Arrives Wednesday
The clowns will be going into QT but the others will be available immediately.
4-black snowflake clown
6-fancy snowflake clown
2-med orange storm clown
4-white lightning maroon clown
12-black ocellaris
18-orange ocellaris
4-gold stripe maroon clown
4-stripe blenny
1-CR blue hippo 1"-2"
1-CR sailfin tang 3"
1-CR yellow coris wrasse

We'll update you all as our situation changes.
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